Monday, January 31, 2005

I love this picture the most! I told the bride to post for me.. and see what I got.. a supermodel! Congratulations to both of you..Jonathan and P Ple!!!..Mr. and Mrs. Head!! Posted by Hello

The beach in the next morning after the party.. the sand is not that nice.. I didn't even touch the water! hehe.. it's quite dirty.. :-P Posted by Hello the name of this lovely tree... I just saw it beautiful... blue sky and yellow leaf! Posted by Hello

The bride and the flower that I almost got, if it didn't hit my head and I wasn't taking photo! Posted by Hello

But well.. this pic..I think both me and the photographer were a little bit drunk.. hehe the pic is blur... and my cheeks were so red! hehe..I think it's champagne!! Posted by Hello

The atmostphere at the beach party! I wasnot that drunk when I took this picture...but they were just moving! Posted by Hello

Jane and the bride!  Posted by Hello

AP girls (past and present)...and the groom..  Posted by Hello

Me and Pui (AP)..we were the first gatekeepers! to block the groom from seeing his bride!! What a bad job! hehehe.. the door will open only when the money comes ;-) Posted by Hello

Jane and the groom and the bride.. after the morning ceremony. Jonathan just finished his breakfast! Posted by Hello

This is the morning ceremony... Thai traditional wedding..  Posted by Hello

This is the groom and the bride Jonathan & the evening party.. Look how lovely they are.. Posted by Hello

I'm at the office

Nothing much here..just feel like writing something in my blog. I will be very busy tomorrow...but today..I just have nothing to do... so boring.. office job is boring..

A fruit-stall on the street side... I just liked the colours. Posted by Hello

Me again... in the Indian temple... Posted by Hello Medan, actually it has a name..but well..I forgot again! Posted by Hello

The Central mosque in Medan... about 500 meters from the Palace... Posted by Hello

Jane as the King and Mina (our Indonesian coordinator) as my Queen.. Posted by Hello

Old palace in Medan...more than 150 years!! I don't remember the year... sorry..the guide told me.. but I forgot! Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 30, 2005

It's a very unique transportation in Medan, Indonesia. Posted by Hello

Hooray!!! My Safin is the best!

Yeah! as you all know... he is the best!!! and he got 3rd time lucky in 2005 Australian Open!
It's so exciting match! He is so great!!!! Kiss kiss!! My Safin is so cute! Love him! hehehe...

Friday, January 28, 2005

I'm in Singapore!

Yeah! I'm on the way home, now I"m waiting for my connecting flight at Changi airport in Singapore. I will have to bord in about 40 minutes...I still have time surfing the net here... it's a free service from Singapore airline lounge I just use it. Even I don't have anything to say....... except.. I'm so glad to go back home this time!
See ya in Bangkok!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My Safin goes for Final!!

another good news I got today is my Safin beats Roger Federer in semi final, Australian Open!! Yuppie!! I'm so glad!
My Safin is the best!!! wish I could be his gf.. hehehehe
He is so cute! Don't you think so? :-P

I'm going back to Bangkok tomorrow!

I'm going back to Bangkok tomorrow!! well so many things will happen tomorrow.. It's my brother's birthday and we are moving to our new house tomorrow..and I will join them in the evening, then I have to go to Rayong for a wedding on Saturday morning! whoo...what a busy life I have!

Damn! Blogger!!

I had problem the other day, when I signed in, I got into someone else's blog. And now they said my user account is not found!! and when I go to check my blog, and click view the profile, it becomes someone else!!! what happened???
Can anyone help me??? I need my blog back!
Damn damn damn...I sent emails to blogger answer and I still have problem. Is this because it's free?? so I can't complain to my bad luck??? or what?