Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Raining in Phuket!!

Raining..and raining... all day and all night!! I was planning to have a very good time after work on the beach as the place I stay (Andaman bay resort) is right in front of the beach!! in th Laguna Phuket area!!! But!!!! It's raining raining and raining... :-( I can't swim in the sea...nor the pool (they are rebuilding the pool now) TOO BAAAAADDD!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The merchant of Venice

It's the movie I went to see today... good movie...good actors...good story but I don't really get it in the end... :-P
Stupid Jane... Seems like Shakespears is too difficult for her small brain!! Who watched this movie, please brighten up my brain...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Thank God!! I'm not in Manila!!

Read this you will know why I feel so lucky to be home!! All the crew of my office are in Philippines now... while I am here, preparing to go to Phuket this Monday(That's the reason why I don't have to go there)!!! Lucky Jane!!! This coverage doesn't sound fun to me!!!

Hello Kitties!!!

After a long journey to new home, seems like they need some rest!! The white one in the back is the big brother and the other white in the front and the smallest one (I don't know how to call its colour) are sisters... Help me with their names...please..

Hello Kitty!! These are new members of my house. Yes.. they are not those Persian that I talked about, I met a girl and she needed help. She can't take care of these lovely little cats...so I decided to help her. They don't have their name yet...Do you have any idea?

Friday, May 27, 2005

Roddick is out!!

Hee..hee... Roddick was out from French Open yesterday!! hehe.. while my Safin and Ferrero cruising to the 3rd round..hehe
Happy Jane on a Happy Friday..hehehe..Can't stop smiling :-D
Oh!! Just check the website..my Safin and my Ferrero will play against each other..I'm crying..now.. :-(

Happy No Boss Around Day!!!

Yes... No Boss!! Everybody is out!! They are on coverage...the whole SE Asia bureau bosses are on coverage!!! :-)
Why am I here? Oh... because I have a plan to go to Phuket this monday! Oh yes.. for work of course..hehe but staying on the beach resort...with swimming pool. I go alone yes... No Boss!!! I just said.... hehe
Happy No Boss Around Day to everyone!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Go buy Persian cats!!

This Saturday, my mom and I will go to see Persian cats...if they are cute as the owner told me and the price is acceptable. I will buy those 2 Persian cats (black one and white one)... Cat or Dog? Definitely Cat!!! :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Collection of Jane and the gang in Koh Chang!!!

Someone told me the earth's core is not 90° vertical straight right?(I don't know the scient vocabulary! sorry if anyknow the right words, please help me correct it) I think this pic can prove!

Jane and her sunglasses..This is the last time she can use these glasses...before dropping them into the sea. She looked so happy..as she didn't know what'd happen!!

Jane...in funny pose..I'm bored of standing still and taking picture but I can't pose like a model either. So this is Jane's style...only!

Jane in Action!!!

Girls in the gang!! on the beach... no comment for this pic PLEASE!!!!

Jane and the gang!! This is the only picture of everyone in the trip... Keep it for good!

Koh Chang Gangster!! No wonder why there was no car stopped by and picked us up!!

Guess! what is this??? It's a cat..relaxing over your head!!!

Views from Lonely beach, Koh Chang, Thailand!

Sunset at lonely beach...Is there anything more romantic than this?

Heaven to hell...the hut where I stayed for only 300 baht per night! Clean and good... it's just not what I expected!!! The website I posted, the resort was full...I got kicked out from heaven to hell... but the beach is still as beautiful as in heaven..and more quiet too!!

Gateway to Koh Chang...This is Ao Sapparod pier, where I was taking the ferry back.

I'm not kidding about how clear water is! You can see!!

Rocky beach...but if you walk further into the sea, you will get the crystal clear water!

It feels like real tropical beach huh? with palm trees or coconut trees.. :-)

Lonely beach or Tah nam beach in Thai... It's far but worth to come! Think so?

The view while I was having breakfast...

Nature Beach resort, Koh Chang...

View from the inside...of the resturant at our resort.

Price list #2

10. Food, starts from 25 baht... At this resort, I think the price is good, not too expensive and they make good food too. Tell them, make it like Thai please,if you don't want to eat thai food for foreigners! It sucks!

11. Drinking water, 1 bottle of 1.5 Litre, 15 baht. You need it during a hot day in Thailand, I recommend you to have a bottle of drinking water with you all the time. This is not a desert...but trust me.

12. Cayaking, 80 baht/hour. Another way to have fun on the island, cayaking! Sorry I didn't try the diving, neighbor islands one day/half day tour(as I was too lazy to do anything more than reading my book on the beach and getting some suntan), so I have no detail on this but I'm sure it'd be not too expensive and is worth a try.

13. Ferry boat back to the mainland, after taking the mini truck to the pier (another 70 baht to spend), you decide to go back with a bigger, safer and faster boat. You better take a Ferry! I took the one from Ao Sapparod, 30 baht each and take less than 30 minutes to get to the mainland.

14. 3,200 baht sunglasses (ELLE-- the blue ones, you will see me wearing them for the last time), I dropped it into the sea while taking ferry back. I guess an octopus might need the sunglasses sometimes, so it's for charity.

That's the rough price list for Koh Chang trip. I hope it's useful for you, if you have any inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I can't be your guide but I can tell you what to do, where to go.. those Do and Don't stuffs.
Have fun!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Price list for Koh Chang trip!

If you want to know how much you should have before going to Koh Chang for 3 days 2 nights during low season but on the long weekend (which everybody in Thailand has), here are some important price list...You must convert to your currency by yourself...

1. 42 seats air-con Bus by Cherd Chat Tour, Bangkok - Trad is 207 baht (if you buy return ticket, it will be 391 Baht for round trip). This will take 4-5 hours...enjoy!

2. Song taew (means 2 rows) mini bus from Trad city to Laem Ngob Pier, 30 baht each.

3. The driver of number (2) will bring you to the Pier, and there where you will have to buy boat ticket. Small boat, 50 baht each, they will sell you return ticket so it's 100 baht each. But once you get on the boat, you will think, I will not take this boat back. That means you will have to save some money to buy new ferry ticket back. (You will see ferry boat -- big and more convenient and safe, when you're on the small boat)

4. Song taew mini bus again, when you get on the island, tell the driver which beach, or which resort/bungalow/hotel you want to go, the price will depend on the distant. Start with 30 baht for White sand beach, 50 baht for Klong praow beach and 70 baht to Lonely beach (where I stayed this time)

5. Beach bungalow at Nature Beach resort, 300 baht/night for 2-4 people in the small room with private bathroom and fan. 24 hours water + electric. Clean and good.. You will see the pictures tomorrow if I'm not too lazy!

6. Sarong, if you forgot to bring your own towel (I did forget), you can buy sarong for 150 baht to use for towel and also for the beach, very useful.

7. Motorbike for rent, 250 baht per day (24 hours) excluded gasoline. Go for a ride if you can, it's really fun and very convenient to see more things on this island. There are much more than just beautiful beaches!

8. Heineken (small) 50 baht, serve chilled...

9. ABF (American Breakfast) 80 baht with 2 eggs, ham, bacon, sausage + Fruit juice + Tea or coffee.


I'm sleepy now...I wanna go to bed, I will tell you about the price again tomorrow with some pictures.
To be continued...

Jane is back!

Yes... I'm back...saely to bangkok this evening with so many photos but I"m lazy to put them on here tonight.... after more han 5 hours journey on the bus...
I will post some pics tomorrow then...
Be patient!

Friday, May 20, 2005

To make you jealous!!!

This is the place where I'm going to stay on this weekend... Ramayana Resort
Check it out!! I just wanna make you guys jealous!!!

Going to Koh Chang!

To enjoy the beach vacation in the rain!!! I hope it rains less in Koh Chang..I wish...I pray...
I'm leaving from Bangkok tonight and will be on Koh Chang until Monday morning and come back to bangkok in the late afternoon...well that's the plan, but I'm afraid the traffic will be very bad as it's long holiday!!
I will post photos and tell the stories when I come back!!
I will miss you......

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Why IT stuffs are getting cheaper and cheaper???? I just came back from the biggest IT shopping center in Thailand, Pantip Plaza! to buy new computer for office...and we got P4 2.93GHz 512DDR RAM and 80GB HDD with DVD and CD writer drive plus media slots and USB 2.0 for only 27,293 baht!!! that's about 700 US$ and we also got SONY LCD 17" monitor HS75P for 14,990 baht...about 385 US$!!! OMG!!!
Back in 2003 I bought my PC for my own I paid about 1,200 US$ and my PC is not this good!!! :( Why??Why??Why??

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rainy season has come...once again

It's raining again... It's raining everyday...every morning...every evening and every night. I don't like rainy season actually... it's good only when I don't have to go to work and staying in my bed watching TV or better if reading book... That's the best time to rain. Mmm..when it's raining, I always want to have noodle soup...do you think so? aaaaaaahhh....

Monday, May 16, 2005

I think I might have migraine!!!

I just realized I have headache more often these days... with no reason. I didn't have any flu...no fever...only headache and at first it seems like I had the whole head... cuz it's all painful... but I just realized I have more headache on left side...and especially my eye... I hope this is just my paranoid!!! I don't want to have migraine!!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

I hate FIFA!!

After they made decision to hold the match between Japan and N.Korea in Bangkok on 8th June...they also destroyed my hope to have some fun in KL!! As there was a rumour that they might choose KL for the host... Syura! I know you're reading!! So I know you're smiling too... as it's your time to come to Bangkok and have some fun!!!
Well...I will be your guide then ;-)
Let's go shopping!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I had a dream last night....

That I got two kittens...one male and one female. So lovely kittens they are... I wish this dream will come true, I will be very happy! I love cats!!!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Blood donation!

I just did a good thing today! I donated my blood!! As I heard of the announcement of Thai Red Cross that they run out of blood (especially type B), as I have B, Rh+ blood type, so I decided to donate my blood.
450CC of my blood will help someone...who needs it. This is my 4th time for donating.. I will get a special pin if I donate 7 times... so maybe in the next 3 months I will donate again. Doing good thing can make you feel good too!!!
-Jane, good girl!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Cobra Gold 05, Part 2

It's time for training...and I've got a good chance to be there. It was so good to see those real shooting firing scene and of course safely...hehe

Something that can be exploded.... it said on the box!!!

Bullets... I don't know what those codes mean.. the soldiers must know!!

This guy seems to be the only person who had a very good time there...

They were controling the F/A 18D aircrafts... it was so cool to see the did that!

Live fire training..for Cobra Gold 05 in North of Thailand... those are US Marines..

Trucks...loaded with US Marines on the battle ground... training battle ground I meant..

Fire!!! Fire!!! Fire!!!

G.I. Jane... Do you know that this metal hat (whatever it's called) is really heavy? and the bullet proof jacket is also heavy!!! On the hottest day in Tak.. bare land with no shade...I still can smile.. ;-)

Jane with the HMMWV!!!!

From another corner...same river, same room...and same time.

View from my hotel room, it's Ping river...Tak province in the morning..around 6.15 AM

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wheat germ scrub!

Oh!... new experience for me... I had wheat germ body scrub today!!! and what is new for me? Oh..it's that the lady who did thta for me.. she did see every part of my body! and touching me all over!! sounds naughty huh? but... I really felt good.. I fell asleep!!! mmmmm.... I like it very much...

Cobra Gold 05, Part 1

This is the US Marines aircraft, C-130 that brought me and other media to cover the open ceremony of Cobra Gold 05 in Chiang mai on May 2, 2005..

See? United States Marines!!!! I was on this aircraft!! the flight was good.... just they didn't serve welcome drink on board!!!

Inside the aircraft, this is US Marines C-130...

Jane..on board! I'm leaving on a jet plane.....

Oh!!! I can post photos from here!!

Hmm...it works when I use office computer! there must be problem with my home PC or my home internet!! I have to find out, as I have tons of photos to post from home PC!!

Testing Hello program...

Just wanna test that I can send picture by Hello or not, cuz I can't do it at home. If you wonder, this picture was taken when I was covering Tsunami disaster in Khaolak, Phang-nga province.

I'm working on Saturday!

Why?? Me?? again?? Now I'm in office..working!! Last monday, we have subsitution holiday for Labour day..I was in Chiang mai, working! and on 5th May,it's another holiday which I was in Tak, covering Cobra Gold training! working again!! And today!!! my saturday..weekend!! Jane is working again! I can tell you I'm not a workaholic but the work just never let me go... When can I have holiday???

Friday, May 06, 2005

I can't post any picture lately!

I don't know what is wrong with my Hello program.. but I can't upload any picture! I have so many photos from Cobra Gold coverage...
I will try again tonight!!