Tuesday, March 27, 2007

5 places I love to dine...

I got tagged!! Oh Yeah!!! by our big brother, simple american... I guess he knows very well how much I love food! and maybe he is planning a trip to Asia just to taste some of our great dishes!

Here is the tag!
The rules are simple:
1. List out your top 5 favourite place to eat at your location.
2. Put down your link below together below the name/nick of the person who tag you and link directly to your post. Please include the state or country you’re from.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Simple American (Sugar Land, Texas, USA)
Jane (Bangkok, Thailand)

3. Tag 5 other people (preferable from other countries/states)

Well... the hardest part is not to find 5 people to tag but it's to pick only 5 places for this tag!
Mmmm...... I'm quite in huge trouble now...

Ok! I decided to tell you my 5 favourite places at this moment only! Bangkok is huge! And there are so many good places to dine at, depends on where I am in Bangkok! But I consider these top 5...if I'm at home where I wanna go eat!

Well... we will start with number#5 -- au bon pain
I know it doesn't sound so Thai to you... and they don't serve Thai food either! What can I say? Sometimes I crave for some western tastes too! Like salad, sandwiches... stuff like that! And I'm a big fan of au bon pain, especially their smoked salmon wasabi sandwich! Oh.....yum

number#4 -- MK Suki restaurant

Thai suki restaurant.. Like hotpot but what I like most about MK is their roasted duck! It's so good! Oi...drooling just think of it! Oh not only hotpot, suki and roasted duck, they have very good dim sum too!

number#3 -- Rooster restaurant (ไก่โต้ง)
It's not far from my house...actually it's walkable distance. They serve Thai-Isaan food.. like those somtum I showed you before. They make really good food and not expensive too! I always recommend this restaurant to my friends and also brought them there myself. I welcomed Jeremy on his first day in Thailand at this restaurant too! You can order anything on their menu! Guaranteed!

number#2 -- Kuroda
A Japanese buffet restaurant for 399 baht... and all you can eat! You can order form menu and they will just cook for you. That's why I like this restaurant... fresh and newly cooked! And I'm sure you've heard of it from my blog before!!!
*Here is me holding Kuroda's menu, ready to order!*

and number#1 -- My home!
No kidding! There is no place like home! and my mom is one of the great cooks! You don't believe me? Well... come here and I will invite you to our dinner feast and you will love my mom and of course her food too!
*To confess, I can't think of any place better than my house! I can eat here everyday and every meal... and when I taste good food in a restaurant, I always say "This is just like mama's cooking! delicious!"

And 5 people to tag?
Well... my rule is NOT tag anyone! Love to do, do it! and leave a note telling me you did and I will definitely read it!

The story from the south

I'm not sure that May and Simple American are still sitting there waiting for my story or not but to not keep them sitting too long, here is the story!


Oh! and another story that I had been helping and working on... about Thailand. Thanks to everyone who gave me answers which some were used in this article. Thanks!!!



WAIT!!! I got tagged!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I forgot to tell that I'm back to BKK..safe and sound!
Hope you're not too worried about me...

Now I gotta go... busy!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hello from the restive south!

I'm here in the South of Thailand... in a hotel in Pattani, I will spend a night here. I flew to Hat yai this morning and drove to Yala province... into the troubled area where there is curfew at night!

I just wanna let you know that I'm fine and safe here... We planned to go back to Bangkok this evening but as we had an unlucky day today that made us behid the schedule, so we couldn't drive back to airport as it's too late and too dangerous to be on the road after 5 pm., and that's the reason why I'm staying here in the hotel.

I haven't reserved the plane ticket yet! I should! Ok! Gotta go!
See you in Bangkok!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ladies Rule!!!

Last night I went to a "Exclusively for ladies only" bar with friends... It was my first time going to a place like that, it's so interesting... I didn't know it was next to one of my favourite Thai restaurants! Now I know... maybe I should go more often!

I've heard that on Friday night there is a place which is also exclusively for ladies near my house, maybe that's the reason why the pub I went last night was a bit empty. I had only one rum&coke... (do not dare to order other cocktails as my friend got too sour margarita!)

Asking myself as I'm not a lesbian, going to a lesbian bar is quite interesting. I felt safe there though...and to find the restroom was so easy, no chance to walk into a men's room! (by mistake or intention).

When we left the place around 9 pm., I saw many ladies in the pub... maybe next time I should go a little late... I want to see the pub that's full of ladies only! And wanna see how they have fun in this kind of place!

'til then...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank you Jeremy

Today I got a dozen of roses..pink roses from Jeremy. It's a delayed Valentine's gift as I was not in Bangkok that day... (It's too expensive to get the rose on Valentine's too!)

I put those roses in our drinking glass... no vase in this house! Thank you Jeremy... The roses actually make this room nicer!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lunch @ Huahin

On day 2, we drove to Huahin to find another beach to go... we actually did the beach hopping last week! After we got the place to stay, we started looking for food! We found one restaurant not far from our hotel, so we decided to try.... and these are our food!!! Mmmm.... yummy!

Well.... today's post is only about food, so I'm not going to tell you about the beach or anything else. Let's talk about food!!

First dish.. Somtam pu-ma, there is nothing related to Puma... not the animal or the sport wear... but it's spicy papaya salad with sea crab. Oh.... they made it really goooooooood!

Second dish... Somtam Thai, right! we ordered 2 kinds of somtam because we wanted to try the ordinary one which is this one, Thai style somtam and the one with crab (above). It turned out really good...both of them! Ahhh..... ooooohh..... mmmmm

Third dish... Tom saab kra-dook moo, it's spicy soup with cartilage bone (pork). It sounds weird, I don't eat the cartilage...only meat please! But for those who love the cartilage, I recommend this dish, they made really good soup..very spicy too! *sweating*

Fourth dish... Larb gai, spicy chicken salad with roasted rice (crushed). You may wonder now that every dish is spicy... these people are crazy! I can say...YES! We're crazy, we love spicy food!!! and you can see why? Don't they look so good? Delicious?

Last dish... Pla muek tod kra-tiem, deep fried squid with garlic. We loved it! The only reason we loved this dish because the golden chopped garlic.... treasure... Ahhhh... (you don't wanna be close to me when I said Ahhhh.. after having this dish!) Crispy, chewy, a little salty.... yummy!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cha-am&Hua hin trip (Day 1)

*The main room*
*The Entrance (in the old days)*
*Sleeping Buddha*

Last long weekend, we went on a road trip with P Toy, P Hui to Cha-am and Huahin. On the first day we planned to stay in one resort on the beach in Petchaburi but as we didn't book the room in advance and all of them were full!!!! Can you believe that? We drove from first beach...all resorts were fully booked, the second beach (about 15 km. from the first one) was also fully booked!!! and we kept searching, looking for any available room... but had no luck!

We ended up on Cha-am beach which was too crowded and that's NOT what we wanted, but we had no choice. We found 2 rooms at a guest house in front of the busiest area of Cha-am beach, the price was a little too expensive but it's long holiday and we didn't book it....and most important we were too tired to search for better. We decided to stay there but the rooms were not available until 9 pm. that night, so we had to hang out on the beach for the whole afternoon. We've got the rooms around 8.30 pm after having such a good and (expensive) seafood dinner!.

I had a bad headache all afternoon and evening, so after I took a shower, I went straight to bed and fell asleep right away....

That's all for day 1, to have more side stories, please wait for Jeremy to write more on his blog! Here I have some photos of the cave we visited before going to the beach as it's on our way to the beach.


Monday, March 05, 2007

The beaches were nice but I will tell you later!

Yes! It's late and I'm going to sleep....
More photos and stories tomorrow, ok? Bleh!

Night night!

THHC™ Remix

As you all know that I was so busy (and most of the time lazy) to keep on The Hug Hug Club™ record every month in the past few months, so I have to do it all-in-one here this month (but I am still a little bit late)

Please forgive me, I will improve.... I promise. And here are the results!

December 2006

Kisses go to may 35 times
Kisses go to L B 27 times
Kisses go to Jeremy 22 times
Kisses go to Umm 3 times
Kisses go to simple american, py and neko 1 time each...

January 2007 (Only one post I had done)

Happy to may the 1st
Happy to Jeremy the 2nd
Happy to LB the 3rd
Happy to Swordman
Happy to simple american
Happy to madamrouge
Happy to Umm
Happy to J
And happy to carakoala

February 2007

A bunch of 13 roses for L B
A bunch of 11 roses for may
And 1 rose for Umm, simple american and Anonymous (my secret admirer?)

Let's see how fast you can chup and how fast I can report the best chupper for March!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Off to the beach!

First of all..I would like to thank THHC™ master, L B for giving me new design of my THHC™ logo... HUGS for you!

And I have to say sorry as I've been busy and blank head for the last few days, so I didn't make any report yet! YET! I promise I will post it immediately after I come back from the beach!

Oh..Yeah... speaking of going to the beach... We are going to the beach this long weekend. I will be back on Monday, I hope it's not too late for the THHC™ report. Plus I will post some photos from the trip too....

So... please be patient with me. Thanks everyone!

Happy weekend and Happy holiday!