Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jane goes GREEN!

I'm here at Greenpeace office in Thailand...what am I doing here? Well... I will start working with them soon! Today I came here to talk and be instructed of what I must do... but now I am waiting for Arthur, my supervisor, as he is in the meeting... and he allowed me to use his computer and allowed me to browse!
So here... I'm blogging :-P Just to let you know... officially annouce that I'm hired by Greenpeace Thailand to be a media campaigner!

Check this out!!!

And I'm planning to change my blog colour to green, what do you think?? Let's go GREEN!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I was kidnapped!!

Well... first I have to say sorry to you all for not posting anything for more than 10 days!! but the reason is.... I was kidnapped!
I'd been trying so hard to escape... but I wasn't succeed until now... Oi... it was really tough situation for me... I'd been kept in bed most of the time... couldn't do anything else except sleeping! and when it's the time... I'd got some food, just to keep me alive. Mmmm... you don't want to imagine what I've been through...

Anyway, now I'm back... how did I escape? Well... I heard one voice... telling me to get up and run! It's my mom's voice... actually I hear that every morning... but this morning, she really told me to get up and CLEAN my room! and.. blah blah blah blah...and blah blah... so I had to get up... yeah... just to stop those blah blah blah...

Actually I've not posted my Italian trip... and there were Phuket/Phang-nga and Nongkhai and Myanmar and Vietnam... maybe it's time for me to finish them! Cuz my new journey will begin soon!

Now I'm really enjoying my free time... no work (no getting up early)... but no money (Oi.. that's bad!) I plan to just stay home and play games!!! Yeah!!! clean my room! (I hear that voice again!!!)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Food Feast Day 2 in Hanoi!

*First dish -- Sweet & sour pork*
*Second dish -- Mobu tofu*
*Third dish -- I don't know what it is!!! but it's ham and fish's stomach!*
*Fried veggie*
*Steamed fish with soy sauce*
*Fried noodle with bean sprout & mushroom (No taste at all)*
*Chinese deep fried spring rolls*
*We ordered Chilli prawn but we've got Cheesy prawn!!!*
*Poor crispy chicken*

I actually am here for work! Don't you doubt that!!! This is just our quick meal after our hard and long working day...

This is the Chinese restaurant in our hotel, Hanoi hotel.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy time in Hanoi (always with food!!!) - - Day One

No need to say anything... We need to fill our stomach full before we can work really hard!!!

*Photos by BBsan*

Jane in Hanoi!

Nothing much to say... I'm now in Hanoi covering APEC 2006...
Oh! All pictures were taken by BBsan... Thank you again ka!

*More pictures to come...*

Monday, November 13, 2006

Bound for Hanoi


I'm at the airport again... as you can guess that I won't be up this early if I don't have to go somewhere!!!

I'm going to Hanoi, Vietnam... to cover APEC 2006.... and this is my last coverage!!! I will come back next week and will become an unemployed.

Wish me luck!

These 8 days trip... I will not be able to blog so much (like I was not able to in last few weeks!!!) but I have my laptop with me this time... and if I could find the internet service, I would definitely blog something!

*Last call for passengers bound for Hanoi, Flight TG 682..........*

Bye for now! See you in Hanoi!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hug Hug Always

Here are the winners!!!
1st Jeremy = 25 hugs
2nd L B = 22 hugs
3rd May = 20 hugs

And Too close to win followers:
simple american = 10 hugs
Umm = 7 hugs
Kracker = 5 hugs
Adrian = 4 hugs
J = 3 hugs
carakoala = 1 hug
swordman = 1 hug *new comer*
yteh = 1 hug *new comer*

Good job everyone!!! I hope next month you will beat those 3 winners!!!