Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jane on the move!

Tomorrow Jeremy and I are going to move to our new apartment in Soi Thonglor as Jeremy got a new job there and will start working this Wednesday.

The apartment has gym and also swimming pool too! The room provides microwave, TV, refrigerator, queen sized bed, big closet, dining table + 2 chairs, telephone and low speed internet!!!

Well... as I'm planning to move tomorrow, I have to say that I'm not ready yet!

Packing ... not done
Car arranging ... not done

... What am I doing here??? I should get my ass up and start packing! What about Jeremy? He is still sleeping!!! *he said he was feeling sick, he needs to rest*
So it has to be ME!

Gotta go... ciao!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hope you all can comment now...

I've been trying... and i think I will have to use this for awhile... I don't know why blogger doesn't let anyone post comment on my old template!

With this new simple template provided by blogger... I hope you all can post comment now...

Thanks for posting comments, and I have to tell you I haven't received any comment since my 'Help' post.... sad....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Can't post comment!

I can't post comment on my own blog.. what about you? Can you comment on my blog?
I don't know what happened after the blogger moved my blog under google account.. I have difficulty posting my comment!
Hmm.. maybe I have to change the template... I didn't get any comment from anyone... including myself...
what can I do????????

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to ME...
Happy Birthday to ME...
Happy Birthday..happy birthday...!

10,592 days I have lived... I don't know how many have left but I know one thing, I will do whatever that makes me happy.

254,208 hours I have spent...geez... I think I've slept more than half of that!!! I should get up earlier and do something! I need to get my ass up...start from TODAY! Well...It's my birthday, getting up a bit late is ok. Let's try tomorrow then... hehehe

15,252,480 minutes roughly so far... mmmmm... too many numbers give me headache... Just don't think about it... It's the past anyway.

the more number I've got means I'm wiser (people said older means wiser!)... so all I want to do is to live like a wise one and a happy one.

Hey! As I'm a little wiser now, I just noticed that nobody gives me any birthday present!!! Please.... It's the only chance for you to give me my 29th Birthday present... Don't miss your chance, do it today!

Kisses... ;-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have hiccups! HELP!

Anyone knows how to stop this hiccups? I did try the water but didn't work! Holding my breath already but still have hiccups!


*shouting didn't work either*

Finally I update the hugs!

Sorry guys.... I'm bad... kill me!

but before killing me, please let me finish this update for March 2007!

1. Jeremy = 30 (he made the first chup 6 times straight!)
2. L B = 24 (he also made the second chup 8 times!)
3. may = 21 (she made good chups during the last posts)

4. simple american = 13 (he came slowly but surely)
5. swordman = 6 (he came out of nowhere but did quite good job)
6. carakoala = 1 (she made it in the first post, keep trying)
cp1 = 1 (he almost missed the chup)
umm = 1 (she made it to the list sometimes, I wonder what she is doing now)

Okay, now you have all the right to do whatever to punish me... but please..please..please... Kill me softly.