Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Food Diary...

As my Diet Buddy (Miss Lin) requested me to write down the food I consumed each day... so I will know what I should cut and what I should have more!
Start today!

Morning: 1 (big) glass of mixed Fruits shake -- apple, orange, pineapple, carrot, beetroot and lime.

Lunch: Noodle soup (ก๋วยจั๊บ), fried fishballs, wonton and Lipton Ice tea (Peach).

Dinner: Plain porridge with fried egg. (ข้าวต้ม กับไข่เจียว)

**Ok!! I will have to cut down those deep fried snacks and soft drink after lunch. Do not go out for lunch when starving! Everything looks so delicious when we're hungry...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Anti-Thaksin Rally

Anti-Thaksin Rally on 26th February...at Sanam Luang.

Tens of thousands of protesters...want PM Thaksin to resign...


The stage...

Jane...working...among protesters.

Shabu-shabu Night!

Happy Jane with dish of pork on my right and dish of beef on my left....

Closely look at the pork!!!!! OMG!!!

Proudly present....Shabu-shabu buffet...sliced pork...at Akiyoshi restaurant!!! No wonder why I'm getting fat quickly!! haha..

Uummm......no comment!

Left over vegetables... :-P

Friday, February 24, 2006

Dissolution of the House!!

PM Thaksin Shinawatara has annouced a House dissolution and will make a formal announcement on TV tonight at 8.30pm local time!!
Should I go or should I stay???

Left and Right!!!

It's a joke I got from forwarded email...and I really liked it!!


One day, Mr. T got something wrong with his brain so he went to see a doctor. After medical examination, the doctor told him:
"Your brain has two parts: one is left, and another is right.
Your left brain has nothing right. Your right brain has nothing left."

Hope you like it too!! Happy Friday and have wonderful weekend!!!

Messy Jane!!!

When was this??? Oh!! when I was still busy!! Arggghh..my desk is disaster!!!

Japanese Buffet is killing ME!

Kuroda!! We had buffet for 399 baht/person...all you can eat in all menu...within 2.30 hours!!

What should we order??? So hungry!!!

Finished our big meal with sweet!! Coconut icecream with azuki (red bean)...yummm...

P Toy with her Hi-So dessert!!


Looking for something to order in the second or third round???

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quote of the day!

A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.
- John Steinbeck

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No name for this meme...

What I am wearing:

I'm wearing my pyjamas..no need to take another shower cuz I already took a shower after yoga class!!

Something out of the ordinary on my desk:

a box of tamarind candy!

Current favorite song:

You're beautiful - James Blunt! I wish someone sing that song for me..hehe

Last thing consumed:

Deep fried chicked wrapped in seaweed...amazing huh?

Last phone call received:

Mom!! Asking where I was...I forgot to tell her I will go to yoga class and go home late!!

Current annoyance:

I'm useless!!!

Plans for the day/evening:

It's almost time to go to bed...so my plan is just go to bed I guess!

Free to take this.... I took it from Simple American and I did ask for permission! ;-)


Been free from real work for more than 2 months now.... not really done anything substantial...
I am useless... it's because I am lazy, so I don't do anything...or it has nothing to do that makes me lazy...
Should I start looking for something else to do???? I'm so useless here...
I'm so bored here...Is it because of work or myself?

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Friend from Narnia!

I have nothing to do at work today....I searched through my mailbox...and had an idea to introduce one of my lovely (really) friend Umm (อุ๋ม)...from Narnia aka Ural, Russia!!
Hey!!! Don't be mad at me ok? I just missed you..jing jing na.. :-)

สอบเสร็จเมื่อไหร่ แวะกลับมา แล้วมาเจอกันบ้างเน้อ... คิดถึงแกจริงๆ นะ

Photo Storage!

As I have so many photos that are too many for my blog here....I need a place to store them and let people see the rest of them!
So if you want to see more photos from me...go to http://www.zorpia.com/enjaho and enjoy!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dracula Undead

Last Thursday I went to a press launch event for a live, multi-media production called "Dracula Undead" written and directed by Dale Gutzman... at Bangkok Community Theatre.
It was fun...and interesting! They will show from 22-25 February here in Bangkok! Go and see if you like this theatre art...
There are worse things than death...

Dracula!!!! by Franck Fougere...

Katherine Roberts as Gypsy

Felix Edmiston as Jonathan Harker


part of the show...

Dale Gutzman, Director/Writer and Joanne who plays Lucy...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Bangkok Day Tour!

Normal traffic in Bangkok

Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn...from the other side of Chaopraya river...

Jane...waiting for Amemiyasan to finish shooting...it was damn hot yesterday!!! and I dressed in black (all black!!)

Traffic on Rajdamri road...that tallest building over there is Baiyoke tower, the tallest building in Thailand.

Skytrain...Saphantaksin station!

Wat Pho...the temple of big big sleeping buddha statue.

Tuk tuk!!! this one has 5 passengers! I used to go with friends, 7 girls on the tuk tuk!! Cool huh??


I went to Silom road today for some work... After finishing my work, I did some shopping!!! On Silom road you can all fake brand name products from hand bags to watches and of course, I got something back too!! They are 7 illegal DVDs...1 movie 100 baht(If I go to see movie in cinema, it costs me 100-140 baht -- not included popcorn!).

Here are the movies I got today!

1. 2046
2. TransAmerica
3. Good Night, and Good Luck.
4. Pride & Prejudice
5. The 40 Year Old Virgin
6. La Marche de l'empereur
7. Corpse Bride
I'll spend my weekdn in front of my TV!!! Can't wait for Saturday!!!

**Anti-Piracy -- It's More Than a Copy, It's a CRIME!**

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chiang Rai Trip Part I (I have too many photos!!!)

My mom....so beautiful among flowers...

wooden boat...

view from coffeeshop inside the garden.

inside the garden...

Drinking water they provided along the way...

Inside the Royal villa garden...


Like heaven...

same garden...

Sunrise...view from restaurant while having breakfast!

another view for sunrise at Doi tung...


more flowers....and will be many more...

Sweet Valentine's for you!

This one for everyone... Happy Valentine's!!!

yellow means.....?

I love this one!

It's really big!