Thursday, June 30, 2005

Jane@high speed internet!!!

Whoo..Hoo!! Finally!!! everything seems to get into the right place for I have high speed internet at home..good bye 56K modem!!! I'm at ADSL 1021/512 Kbps now...
Happy High speed!! Yippi Ya Ya..Hoooo...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My new toy, ipod mini 6 GB...Finally got it after asking someone to buy it for my birthday (with my own expense) since April...I finally got it today! Phew....Happy Birthday Jane...

Jane : The reader

Yesterday I bought 4 new books, 3 from Kinokuniya (50% off) and 1 from Asia books (with 100 baht discount voucher) and they are as below(listed by the size of the book):
1. ON BULLSHIT by Harry G. Frankfurt
3. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S by Truman Capote
4. THE HISTORIAN by Elizabeth Kostova
As I just finished the 2 famous books by Dan Brown last month and I needed new books during my next journey. Now...I don't have to wait in the airport doing nothing anymore..

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Photos from 9th June 2005, after football coverage!!

I have some phots from football coverage early this month...This is at lunch party after work...I didn't drink beer, it's apple juice!!!

Jane...and Amemiya san...sake session!

Dinner at sushi restaurant...after hard working period for football coverage...

Monday, June 27, 2005

6 Months Khao lak, Thailand

The beach in Bang Niang, Khao lak National Park in Phang-nga..6 months after the tsunami... when the sky is not clear and the sea is rough...

I just want to know..with your first look at this photo, what do you think it is? Tell me...

It was so windy that day..and the waves were high... It seems like...the sea was going crazy..

A little memory from 26th December Tsunami... and it's still here...right on the beach...

The fried chicken here is really good!! and not expensive... especially when you spend it on your company's expense...hehe

From my very short trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The future Tour de France Champions!!! If they can make the trip from Siem Reap to Paris, I think they can be the champion!

Cool transportation in Siem can afford only a motor bike and you have more than 5 people to go? No problem....

An old lift at the hotel (I don't remember it now cuz I didn't stay here) in Siem Reap,'s still working you know? But I can see people prefer stairs...

Rainbow...but not on the sky. I saw this on the way to can see it's over there...over the rainbow...

Meme (what the hell it is?) & 5 Things I miss

As I was tagged with this Meme thing...I will just do what they expected me to do. You know I'm a good girl!!

First, the procedure: remove the blog at number 1 from the following list and bump every one up one place. Add your blog’s name in the number 5 spot.
Link to each of the other blogs for the desired cross pollination effect.

1. Black Currant Jam @
2. Pei Yun @
3. Mistipurple @
4. Kunstemaecker @
5. Jane @

And then..
Five things I miss (the most) about my childhood

Riding my bicycle with top speed into the muddy ponds in the middle of the road while it was raining. As there was nobody using the road when it rained heavily, only me and my bike. Have you ever tried? It's really fun!
Writing with pencil. I meant writing everything with pencil and yes doing all homeworks with pencil and your own handwriting. I remember how ugly my handwriting was when I was a little girl but's worse. Blame it all to the computer!!!
Swimming in the canel near my old house. The most fun part is not when I was swimming but when I was hiding from mom and running out of the house to the canel... that was fun. Do you know why I miss doing this? Because now my mom won't punish me, if she knows I go out swimming without telling her.
Staying up all night watching the whole chinese kung fu series. You can't stop watching it..not until the end. Each VHS tape is about 60 minutes and one series has about 10-15 tapes. Every Saturday afternoon, we (me and my brother) went to the VDO shop and rented one traditional chinese kung fu series and watched them all night long... That's how I grew up...
Climbing up onto the roof top of our dormitory, sitting there and watching people on the road. I always did this after school (still in uniform with skirt) with one of my friend, Bulan...I miss her as much as I miss doing this.
And now I must pass this meme to other 3 lucky we go!!
I hope this is fine...and you are satisfied..right??

Jane is so sleepy in the office...

Hmmm...yeah....really sleepy... I need some rest...seems like taking a nap on the plane is not enough for me now. I need more time to rest... to get away from work.
mmmm...sleepy but hungry too... I only had a banana cake in the airport lounge and meal on board...not enough.... I need real food!!! I want to have some noodle! ... Noodle!!!

I'm back!!!!

Good afternoon to all of you...I"m back to Bangkok!! I just came back from Myanmar... I'm so tired though...
I have some new photos from Yangon...I will post them tonight when I'm home...I promise.
Just wanna let you know..I'm back!!!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Bad news...

Especially for me! I got the visa to Burma!!! and I have to go there tomorrow morning!! early morning flight!! arghhh!! no weekend!! so I will have to work for another 7 days..before having my weekend!! 3 weeks straight...19 days in total!!! Oh..bad bad bad...I'm exhausted already...
Well..I will take a nap on board's what I always do...
Poor Jane...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sigh...I'm back

Yeah... back to Bangkok..yesterday...tired weekend for me again. I've been working straight for 11 days now...and will have to work again tomorrow. Oh! and if I get visa to Burma, I will have to go there this Saturday...that means no weekend for me again and will have to and work...
I'm not a workaholic by nature but this job forced me to be... cuz even I'm tired, I'm still happy and enjoying my work!!! I'm sure I didn't take any methamphetamine!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I'm in Phuket (again)

Hello from Phuket again... still raining a lot here and less tourists....
Phuket never been quiet like this before... according to my driver...
I don't know what to say...I just hope people will come back to Phuket and Thailand again in the next coming high November.

Anyways, I do have some pictures from Cambodia but I don't have time to upload them. You can see after coming back from Siem Reap yesterday, now I'm in Phuket again. I promise I will post the photos ASAP!!

Now..time to sleep as I have to wake up early (5 am) tomorrow... gotta work! oi...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Story from Siem Reap

I think you know what happened in Siem Reap, Cambodia last I don't have to tell you about that.(for people who don't know, go search from internet, I'm sure AP reported it very clearly!)
But the story I'm telling you is about me... with no preparation for this coverage. I flew to Siem Reap on that day...with no spare clothes! and even it's over within one day but I had to stay there for 2 nights! Can you imagine?? me... same clothes...same underwear..working all day..sweating a smelly.. but I had to be in the same outfit.. for 2 days... mmmm... and only when the coverage was over that I could have time to go shopping!! So I bought a very cheap Angkor Wat t-shirt from local market (2USD) and yes.. new underwear! I can tell you it's not easy to find a good quality bra and panties in Cambodia! I asked our driver where people go buy their underwear? he said... market... same place that people go buy vegetables and meat and other food!!
But I was lucky I met thai staff in the hotel, so she told me where to get a better quality I got it..phew..
Next time I'll leave some spare underwear and t-shirt in my office!! This thing will never happen again!
P.S. I washed my shirt and underwear everyday!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Update!! My cats!!

These 2 photos were taken this morning when 3 kittens enjoying their time on a bucket, I think 2 of them look sleepy!! meow...

My cats!!! after getting vaccine last Saturday, the veterinarian told us that they can't take a shower for 1 week. So my mom will have to postpone her plan to clean these lovely cats this coming weekend!!! meowwww...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Been so lazy...

in the last 4 days that I got dayoff from work... My boss let everyone in office have friday and monday off... You know what? I didn't do anything at all!!! only sleeping...eating...watching sleeping...mmm...lazy resting time for me..
But it's really good... I feel like I want to go back to work's kinda boring being at home all day and nothing to watch on TV..only repeated movies from cable TV..sigh.. I'm really to go back to work again tomorrow!!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Raw is not war!!

I had raw day!!! yesterday.. sushi and sashimi day!! I did have raw horse meat!!!! This is the first time I had tasted it! it's cold... but soft..and delicious actually! :-)
I also had many kinds of raw eggs...shellfish and its eggs...
I really had good time eating good and expensive food...and good sake with company expense..
I think I have some pictures...I will ask BB..and I will show you later!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Of course!!! We're not drunk....yet

We're not drunk yet!! Only our first beer.. and you can see..nobody took any sip yet! how come this photo is blur?? But I'm sure..we're not drunk..not yet!

Sweet than any cakes...Pa Ann and Bobo...This couple are the reason why we got together last friday! It's to get to know Bobo!! hehehe...

Look at Jo's face...I think it's because she just took a bite on that cake!!!

I chose to stick with my rasberry frappuccino... and not go for the cake!! it looked good but....brrrr...

3 beautiful girls and the cake we couldn't's not that we're too full..but the cake tasted really bad!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Yup...Friday night with the chicks!! Jo, Tik, Nuch, Pa Ann and her boyfriend and Irish pub on Silom road. 1.5 Pint of draft Kilkenny beer... yeah...only that...I'm still hangover here in office!!!
Told you before that 1 glass of wine can get me drunk... no wonder..
But..we have plan to do it again...soon!!!
Photos will come later... I'm still hangover and in the office..working on weekend!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Small creatures on Patong beach with their new modern home...Millenium style!!!

Andaman Bangtao Bay resort, the place where I stayed...alone...The whole resort..there was only me as the guest!! They are renovating after being hit by tsunami...last December.

Bangtao beach, Phuket, Thailand...during monsoon season.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm still in Phuket and it's still raining...

The 3rd day in Phuket..with the rains... I know therain can coolthings down..but monsoon rain is too much for cooling. I'm getting tired of the rain..I wanna go back to Bangkok... I thought I could have a very good time in Phuket as I come here alone...with company expense!!! But the rain!!! rain!! rain!! ruined my plan... I just got teh forecast saying.. more rain is coming...southweat monsson is hitting thailand soon...arghhhhh....I hate the rain (only when I have to go out and working, I love it when I'm in bed at home...and have nothing to do)