Monday, July 31, 2006

Piazza San Marco, Venice

As I promised you that I will keep posting photos from my journey. After leaving Milan, I headed to Venice... one of the most romantic places in the world. I can tell's really romantic there!!! Too bad I had to be there alone...
Here are some people who enjoyed the time at Piazza San Marco in Venice at the same time as me... I hope you like these photos... I do like them!!

A girl enjoyed feeding the pigeons..

Pink lady!!! I think she loves pink colour.. don't you think so?

He was looking for happy couples, so he can be happy with some little euros... want a rose???

Two lost souls in least they're better than me... I was alone!!!!

She was the happiest one in San Marco...

Sunset at Cattolica

Cattolica Sunset... Sorry for those who waits for more pics on Venice. I promised I will post more pics from Venice... But today I just feel like sharing this wonderful sunset in Cattolica, the lovely beach town near Rimini in Italy. I really had good time there and I met so many nice and cool people in Cattolica. I fell in love with this town... I'm sure you all know about that!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Lake Como, where my George Clooney's house is...

I decided to go to Lake Como because of Clooney. Yes! Only one reason... Clooney... Isn't he so handsome?
But when I was there... no Clooney... and I fell in love with this town. It's not because there were more than 4 guys saying I'm beautiful in Italian to me... and the gelato was so good and not expensive!! I love this lovely town... See you next time George!!

Milan: World Cup Champion!!!

I was there on the day Italians were exciting about the final match between Italy and France in FIFA World Cup...
I first planned to join them watching the game at Duomo...but after I'd been there for less than 30 minutes, I decided to go back and watch it on TV in my hotel!!! I know it missed the great chance but if you were me...being there alone among all crazy Italians...

More about Amsterdam

I walked around town... taking photos... having good time. I hope you're not bored of Amsterdam photos... these are selected ones, there are a lot more though... but I think it's enough.

I am still waiting for the photos from the wedding and Alkmaar's cheese market from my friend. So I will post som epics from Milan and Lake Como first... when I have those pictures from my friend, I will show you then.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Albert Cuypstraat, Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp Market on Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam... I did buy something there... guess what I bought!
Strawberries!!! And I ate it while walking to Museumplein... sitting under shade from a tree by the pool...enjoying good view and sunny day. It's another lovely day for me.

Monday, July 24, 2006

First Day in Amsterdam!

(view in front of my hostel)

Finally!! I can have all my photos (723 photos) from my little camera on my PC!!!! And here are the first day in Amsterdam... I arrived there around 9 am. I did a little walking tour... and see some... I liked it there, the weather was so nice! I didn't know it could be that hot!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Burano, Venice

(Isn't this boat officer really cool??)

I'm sorry that I still don't know how to get pictures from my small camera to my PC, so I only have pictures from this camera now.. (It should be Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Milan and Lake Como first..before Venice!!!)
Anyways... here is Burano..a lovely and colourful island in Venice. Don't you just love it??? Look at the colours!! I loved it!

Friday, July 21, 2006


This is the first edited picture I did for I can get pictures out from one camera (I brought 2) and I got tired already... I hope you like it... Enjoy your weekend!! Mine will be just for good rest!! Ciao!!

Jane is BACK and of course BROKE!!!

Yes... I'm back! Now at work, I will do the photo editing tonight... if I'm not too tired ok? I know you are waiting for my photos... but I have taken more than 1000 photos.... what can I do???
Only selected ones will be shown here... Bye for now

Monday, July 17, 2006

Jane at Laundry

I'm at Laundry place...doing my laundry of course! and they give me 15 minutes free internet for doing laundry (normally it's 2 euro per huor!) I have about 10 mins left here, I don't know what to say that now I'm in Rome... so I have to be a Roman!!! I don't know how to be a Roman actually!?!
This is my last stop...before going home! home sweet home... I feel a little homesick here... but I call mom everytime I move to new town. She asked me today about souvenirs!!! What did I buy for her??? Hmmm... I bought nothing...oi.... maybe I should do some shopping here in Rome. Do you have any idea what I should get for souvenir here??? Please remember, I'm on very very tight budget!!! I drink from the tap, I skip my meal... I stay in dorm with other 15 girls... and I walk everywhere I want to go!
Oh!!! 5 minutes left... I have no time to visit any blogs again..sorry!
I think I should go... I miss you all and now I'm hungry! I will see what I can find around here, cheap pannini maybe!
Alright..gotta go!!
Ciao! Ciao! 3 kisses as Italians do!

Friday, July 14, 2006


Ciao! everyone..
I don't have much time here (I'm using a friend's computer) so I just wanna update to you all that I'm now having great time in Cattolica, Italy!!!!
Well.... I have so many photos to show you guys later...and I miss you all.
It's lunch time and everyone is waiting!
Gotta go

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I made it!!! I got 94 of 120 iBT TOEFL score!!! Here is details:
Reading = 23/30
Listeninig = 26/30
Speaking = 20/30
Writing = 25/30
Wow!!!! Cool!!! I just hope that I can make 85 up, but this is WOW!!! It's much more than I expected!!!
I don't have to take a new test for another 2 years!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!
I'm so happy!!!
I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On Vacation!

Officially anounced, I am flying tonight to Amsterdam at 0225 am and I will be away for 2 weeks. I think everybody knows that... hehehe

Well... I just want to let you know that I will write down details of my trip for my journal when I'm back. Maybe I can write a book!! Who knows?!?

My book would have many photos... as I decided to bring big camera with me this time! I will sacrifice myself carrying this heavy gadget around for you all... for better photos. I don't know I have to wait for another 12 years to see Italian in World Cup final again and I don't know I can make a trip there next time they make it, so this is the only chance for me to be there watching the final match with other italians at Duomo in Milan!! I need professional camera for it!!

Another reason is...I will have a chance to go to the beach, yeah! to see Stefano... the best hairdresser in Cattolica, I need good zoom lens for the beach fashion.. hehe

Alright... I'm 95% ready... now
I will miss you all... I'm so sorry I will not be able to stalk your blog or I will not post on my blog but I promise I will tell you all about my trip when I get back!!!

Time to burn one Amsterdam... hehe

Monday, July 03, 2006

Start Packing

Have you ever been running around your stuffs...putting it in and taking it out? Can't make decision!!!

Oi... I'm doing that now. One big empty bag... 3-5 it shoudl be 3 or 4 or 5? underwears!(most important) pants...skirts... shoes... what else?

Is it gonna be cold? hot? rain? Should I bring jacket? No jacket? raincoat? umbrella? bikini?

Too heavy!!! Not enough!!! What if?!!! mmm...

I should better go back and pack!!! What am I doing here??

Alright... I hope I don't have to carry too heavy bag around Italy!!!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

June's Hug Hug Club

Here are the list of stalkers for Creature Called Jane in June!!

Golden Stalker - L B (89)
Silver Stalker - may (46)
Bronze Stalker - Simple American (40)

neko - 11
Selba - 8
misti - 7
car@koala - 5
Jeremy - 3
Lyn - 3
PY - 3
Umm - 3
Adrian - 1
angel - 1
JY - 1
keatix - 1

Thank you for stalking me, and I would love to have you stalking more and more... I will not be able to update my blog as often this month as I will be on my journey... But I will try to tell you about my trip.

Hugs for everyone...