Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just the two of us

Yesterday I had a date with my husband. We went to see a movie "Juno" at a cinema near our place in the afternoon. It was shown on the platinum screen (which costs 50 baht more!!!).

After having lunch at home (to save money), we went to the cinema about 30 minutes before the show time. Queuing for less than 5 minutes to get our tickets (and 2 small bars of chocolate as giveaway gift from cinema). As we had some time left before the show time, so we walked around the mall to kill the time. First we thought we gonna play some games at the arcade, we're about to play air hockey but we didn't have coins for it (next time we will!!). We ended up killing time in a bookstore (as usual) but we didn't get anything there.

It's about 5 minutes to the show times, we went to the theatre and it's too early, we had to wait. Five minutes passed, the staff said to us that the previous round was not ending yet. Another 5 minutes passes, one man walked out of the theatre. We waited.... and waited (not for long) and finally the same staff came and said we can go in now. Hooray!

The theatre was good, leather chairs, no fungus smell and the A/C was at good temperature. We were the first group to walk into the theatre. We got the seats on the back far from the screen but when they started playing teasers and commercials, we heard the noise from the film room. We decided to move closer to the screen as there was nobody else except us there. Watching more trailers, teasers and more commercial for about 20 minutes!!! Finally, the movie started....

*Go see the movie yourself, there is no detail in here!*

It was a good movie, I really liked it! Cool! (I wish I could curse like Juno but it's obviously I can't...never mind)
This is one of the best dates I ever had! Having the whole theatre for just two of us, watching a good movie, laughing out loud, spending time with your loved one. It was a good Monday afternoon.

I love having a date on Monday afternoon!