Friday, April 29, 2005

Raw fish for lunch!!!!

I'm planning to have this menu for lunch today... it's Japanese food. Steamed rice topped with sashimi (raw fish). I don't know what it's called in Japanese. If anyone knows, please tell me.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rains in the morning...

If you are in Bangkok... you must know the crisis when it's raining in the morning. Like this morning... started around 7 AM...for 1 hour, it made Bangkok become the largest parking lots in the world!!! But I was lucky! I used motorbike! and underground train and sky train! so I can be in office on time!! Hooray!!!
But I hate raining!!! it makes my shirt smelly!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More memory, more photos!

Hooray!!! I went to Pantip today to buy a new computer for office. Guess what I got for myself? A new memory card for my digital camera!! 512 MB Hi-Speed!! For 1,550 baht. :-) I think it's a good price.
So with this new CF card, I can take more pictures from my trip!!! I know you love this idea! Me too!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Collection of Jane in Vietnam!!

Jane...on TG flight, you can tell by seeing those orchids they gave me... I didn't take them though... Posted by Hello

Yes!!! I'm on business class!!!! Just to prove it...hehehe Posted by Hello

Food!!!! Breakfast on board!!! Posted by Hello

Jane....writing postcards to friends...and to herself! I always do that in every trip. This time I was so busy, only have time when I was waiting for boarding time at the airport!!! Posted by Hello

Jane...on the plane...from Hue to Ho Chi Minh City! Posted by Hello

Hmm....probably it's me cuz in this trip there is only one girl..with long hair. I shoudl cut my hair though... it doesn't look good anymore! Posted by Hello

This picture is funny...I think I was saying something.I looked so funny though... Well... just for laugh, ok? Posted by Hello

Ah! Jane is working!! at least she was helping to carry those baggages! Posted by Hello

Jane...eating time again. This is the first dinner in Hue with my boss, Shimao san. Posted by Hello

This is the food they served for lunch in Vietnam Airlines Business lounge. It's "Beef Noodle"..See how happy I was? Posted by Hello

Here! You will see the collection of Jane...on what she was doing in Hue this time. And after seeing them, please don't ask me....when did jane work??? Posted by Hello

Monday, April 25, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Happy 27th Birthday to Jane!!! Jane is 27 years old now....I feel old!!!!!!!! but cute ;-) hehehehe... If anyone out there is kind enough to give me a birthday present, I will be really really glad and grateful!! Please... I'm still waiting!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Views from Hue, Vietnam

The view on the way from the town. Hue is a very nice city. I should go back. People are nice, kind and sweet! Posted by Hello

Carmen riders!!!!!!!! Oh... no they are just normal vietnamese girls... riding their bike in full costume!!! hehehe... Posted by Hello

The gate of that tomb....mmm.. :-) it looks so huge! Posted by Hello

Me again at the same tomb...mmm... I think it's Tuc Doc...King Tuc Doc. Maybe I'm wrong.. you can find the correct name by yourself!! Posted by Hello

The tomb... forgot the King's name.... hahaha..well he wasn't buried here anyway. Posted by Hello

Two Vietnamese student boys..were on the way home after school! Posted by Hello the Citadel..taken by Big Boy! Posted by Hello

Flag tower! In front of the Citadel... Posted by Hello

The Citadel...old palce..something like that. I don't really know what it was. I know one thing, it's very old!!! Posted by Hello

And this is a closer look for the perfume river... it was about to sunset. Posted by Hello

A room with a view, this is the view from my room's window. Back there is the Perfume river... Posted by Hello

Our Hotel in Hue!! You can read its name, so no need to tell. :-) Posted by Hello

If you want to visit my old blog!
They fixed it...Thank you to Blogger team! The profile there is my profile..but I don't know how to login that blog, so I use my new blog instead. But you can visit my old blog...just to see old stories or old photos... if you like.
I just leave the URL here...easy for you to go there.
Hope you like my blogs (both new and old one)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Good Morning Vietnam!!!!

The 30th Anniversary of Saigon's Fall...on 30th April 2005...Yes! I'm going there..going there tomorrow! Why is it so soon to be there? Well...because I have to do some stops...along the way from Hanoi, Hue to HCMC!
Wait for pictures ok?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The real City of Angels

Bangkok, the city of angels, now I do understand...why it's called the city of angels. If you can have a chance to be in Bangkok during long holiday like this Songkran day, you will love it(more). There is no traffic jam... less people... ahh... I love it. But you have to prepare for being wet! :-) Well...if you're in the place where the temperature is up to 40C, I think you would love to get some splash, huh?
Happy Songkran Day to everyone!!!

Hard working Jane!

I'm in office...on 14th April..yes it's the second day of long holiday! Why am I here? of course, I'm working.. Don't believe?'s because I forgot something in office, so I have to be here! Stupid Jane! I have a problem as I told you guys I already moved to new house... But!..but I don't know how to go to my office! Today I took taxi as it's safe (from water splash!) and it's quick (no traffic in BKK) and I don't know how to go to office... by myself!!!
Jane is in trouble! I will try to find out next monday...when I have to start working again! Hmm....hope I won't be in office late!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I'm at my new home!

Hooray!!! I moved already!!! to my new house... new home sweet home... and This is the place where I can call it..MY home. :-) I bought it!! well buying it... :-P paying money back to the bank within 30 years...not so long..right? :-)
It's not fully finished though... my room is not finished yet, so now I sleep in living room..on the couch :-)
Well... just let you know I already moved to new house... end of news!
P.S. Happy Songkran day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Moving to new house

Hello... Happy Songkran day for everyone! I'm moving to my new house tomorrow!! on Thai new year day! new year and new house...sounds good huh? :-) I hope everything is good.. :-)
Then I will spend this long holiday to go shopping for decoration! It'd be fun...but I will be very poor after that...sigh... poor Jane!