Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My favourite pic from this trip. They were singing a song when marching. I wish you could hear the song, it's very cute though. Posted by Hello

So many soldiers... it's like 7,190 soldiers..I think...if I remember it right.. Posted by Hello

More marching..I was lucky to be in the right spot, so I can take pictures of them very close! Posted by Hello

Hmm.. a flag and the sky again..I just can't stop taking pictures of the sky! Posted by Hello

Army...marching.. Posted by Hello

Moises and Jane, Cameraman and News producer... in Yangon, Myanmar...on National Armed Forces Day on 27th March! Posted by Hello

My mom's room.... nothing to say. It looks nice..right? Posted by Hello

My room..that will be my bed, you can't see much now cuz it's still messy..I just wanna show the wallpaper :-P Do you like the colour? It's not the one I picked the first time..but it's ok. Think so? Posted by Hello

My brother's cannot see it when the house is finished! Cuz he will be angry if he knows I enter his room! Posted by Hello

Living room.... nice and cosy sofa huh? Posted by Hello

Kitchen! My mom's favourite place..well I love to see her there too..hehehe Posted by Hello

Look up this time! This is in front of the house also... Posted by Hello

Take a closer look at the the colour? Posted by Hello

Welcome to my new house! This is the front door! that will go to my brother's office area! Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

Jane! in front of the shopping mall... I went shoping on the last day in Penang. I got 1 pair of sneakers (Hush Puppies) and a new mobile phone as I told in the previous blog! Posted by Hello

Happy Jane with her Happy meal! Indian food in Penang style! Looks good huh? it tasted good too!! Posted by Hello

Lamp? I don't know how to call's's cool... it's on the pier. Another pic that I took during my boring waiting time there. Posted by Hello

This is one of the scenes you can see from the ferry trip. A very long bridge that connects Penang island to the mainland. I couldn't remember how long is this bridge! Oi oi oi...What happened to my brain!?! Posted by Hello

And this is the ferry...from Penang island to mainland. During short time on ferry you can enjoy the scenes..very nice views! Posted by Hello

Penang's view from the ferry boat.. Posted by Hello

Malaysian Marine police boat. No explaination... I just got bored waiting at the pier.. so I took this picture. Posted by Hello

This is the tugboat that was attacked by the pirates of Malacca, it's called "Idaten". Posted by Hello hot work! That means you can't do anything this area. Cannot make yourself hot, or cannot make others hot! ;-) Posted by Hello

This is the reason why I had to stay in Penang for 1 week! Because of these 2 ships!!! Posted by Hello

Bomb Threats!!!

Yeah....when I was in Yangon, everywhere I'd been, it had the bomb threat! First at the Marching ground for the National Armed Forces Day in Myanmar. I heard a rumour about the bomb and seemed like everyone in Yangon know about it! And then after that when I went back to hotel for lunch break, I saw so many security guards and they were checking very carefully, so I asked my Burmese colleague, she said this hotel got an oversea call for bomb threat! No! that's not all... when I was ready to go the airport, the security guards didn't let any car to go inside! So we had to handle all our luggages from the front gate to the building! Well they have some porters to help... but we had to carry with ourselves anyway! and they did that because they were afraid of the car bomb!!! Jane...poor Jane...
Oh! but I'm lucky...nothing bad happened..phew!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Going away again!

This saturday, I'm going to Myanmar for National Armed Forces Day! But this trip will not be long only one night.
Hmm..this month is kinda busy for me! Oh! for the photos from Penang trip, I will try to post them here ASAP. I'm still lazy and tired... but I promise...ASAP!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I just bought my new mobile phone!

Yeah!!! it's Sony Ericsson J200i...for 420 RM, it's about 4,200 baht... I'm studying how to use it now. I'm familiar with Nokia phone only, so I have to learn how to use this phone!

I'm going back to Bangkok tomorrow!

Yeah! such a good news!
After working for 36 hours straight on sunday and monday...making the trip from Penang to Satun(Thailand) and coming back to Penang again... This was the first time for me to work more than 24 hours..with no rest! Can you imagine how exhausted I was? Yeah...
But I'm going back home tomorrow!! Whoopi!! (even though I have to go back and work until the weekend before having some rest... and I don't think I can have much, cuz I'm moving stuffs to my news house! I planned to do it last weekend...but as you know, I am in Penang right's been 1 week already. This coverage is so tough!
I'm taking a nap after this!
See ya!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Jane vs. Pirates of Malacca!

In the middle of the open sea, Malacca's where you can find the pirates! And yes! now I'm here in Penang, Malaysia to fight with the pirates :-)
Nah...I'm kidding.. Just trying to catch them! :-D
So far I just go back and forth from the port and the ship that was attacked by the pirates... sounds fun huh?
Yes! that's my job! it's cruise holiday :-)
But I would like to go home more than having the sea, in Penang!
See you when I go back to Bangkok ok?
Bye for now!