Monday, November 09, 2009

Seeing a doctor

September 25, 2009

The day after I knew I'm pregnant, it's time to see a doctor.

Getting up late... had brunch, getting ready to go...

Vibhavadi hospital is our destination as it's one of the nearest hospitals from our house. I paid 60 baht for the taxi fare to get to the hospital...

Easy and fast service from the hospital staff... weight checked *secret*, blood pressure checked *normal*

About 5 minutes waiting then it's our turn to see the doctor.

Doctor: What is the reason you're here?
Jane: I'm pregnant. I think I'm pregnant as the magic stick said so...
Doctor: Ok. When was your last period?
Jane: That's the problem.... I don't remember exactly when! I guess in August?
Doctor: It's ok. We will find that out later but if that's when you had your last period then your due date should be......................................... May 18, 2010.
Jane: Oh...ok. Do I need any check up?
Doctor: Nah... save your 300 baht. The magic stick showed 2 lines, right? Then you're pregnant.
Doctor: Now, eat more carrots and broccoli. Don't take motorcycle or Tuk tuk and don't carry heavy stuff.. no more carrying 5 kilos of orange on both sides.... not for these first 3 months.
Jane: Can I ride a motorbike?
Doctor: NO! Can't be rider or passenger!
Jane: Ok.....
Doctor: Can you NOT have sex during these first 3 months?
Jane: *Think* Do we have other choice?
Jane: Nodded her head...
Doctor: Ok. Done! I will see you again next month.

Got some vitamins and calcium supplement and left the hospital....

Next destination, we went to a book store to get the pregancy bible.... 5% discount from Asia book!

That's it for the day... Advice of the day: During the first trimester, NO SEX!!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

A great news day

September 24, 2009

It's one of the greatest days of my life...

I got the greatest news from the magic stick, it showed 2 purple lines that means I'm pregnant!

Running back to my bedroom, informing this great news to the father-to-be, and then jumping up and down with joy together for a few seconds...

Who should we inform next? Should we not inform anyone? Should I go see doctor today? Should I wait for another test to confirm? Many questions were popping up in my head.....

Well... It's too early. Let me go back to bed and will figure what to do next later...

The father-to-be couldn't hold it any longer. He called his mother to inform her about our great news. Got a recommendation for pregnancy bible: What to expect when you're expecting. We decided to tell her not to tell anyone else until we're ready to tell. Shhhhhh...for now, ok?

Then it's time to tell my mother.... same condition. No telling anybody else until we're ready to shout out the news.

Keeping a secret is hard... keeping this secret is even harder!

We decided to go see the doctor next morning...

I went to sleep with a new feeling... there is something special inside my tummy!
*The magic stick is 99.99% accurate, right?*
*I hope it is!*


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Fugals' frugal date

Today I'm going to tell you about the date we had this evening and how special it was.

Starting around 4 pm. when I had to go in town for my work, Jeremy tagged along with me. While I was doing my business, he was hanging around at emporium department store. (you can hear his story from his blog)

I finished my work around 6 pm., we met and went to see the DVD portable player that I promised I will buy one for Jeremy after receiving my big pay check for his assistance. He already has the model/brand in mind.... I hope it's not too expensive!!!

Then we felt hungry but we didn't want to have some fancy food here at the restaurants here. We ended up eating at food court for a total of 195 baht for both of us.

After light dinner, we went to supermarket, wandering around, getting what we needed.... we got all what we wanted but yet we didn't leave the place. The reason is.... after 7.30 pm. or around that time, the supermarket will reduce the price of their fresh products like sashimi, cooked food... That's what we were waiting for!

But it was only 7 pm. and my legs were tired.... we decided to go to the cinema. After rock, paper, scissors and Jeremy won... we bought two tickets for "Yes Man" at 8.00 pm. We still have about 45 minutes before the movie start.

Sitting and waiting in front of the popcorn counter... Jeremy was craving for a beer, we went down to supermarket again and we found out that they already have the food discounted!!!

Hooray!!! I grabbed the last box of salmon sashimi (from 185 baht to 130 baht) and Jeremy got his Leo beer. We're ready to go! With my membership card we also got 6 baht discount from our bill. (I loved it!)

Back at the seat in front of the popcorn counter.... we started out frugal supper. While Jeremy is preparing the wasabi and soy sauce, I went to the restroom, took some napkins and we were ready!

A fancy Salmon sashimi... on a bench in front of the cinema...just the two of us. This was my first experience doing that. The movie was good. It was funny, even though I think it's a bit too much like other Jim Carrey's movies but hey! I lost the rock, paper, scissors remember?

At the end, I was thinking it was a really nice and special date, and definitely a frugal one! We should do it more often!