Thursday, December 28, 2006

Floating Market and Crocodile farm

Jane loves elephants
Jeremy also loves elephants
And mama loves elephants too!!

Last Saturday we went to Floating market at Damneunsaduak, Ratchaburi about 120 km from Bangkok. There were 8 of us, 4 from Myanmar (Emily and her family), and 4 from my family (Mama, my brother, Jeremy and me).
Waking up 6 am... getting ready, the van picking us up at 6.30 am...going to Baiyok Suite hotel to pick up Emily's family and friend... 7.30 am we're heading to floating market!

Arriving there around 9 am... the weather was so nice.. cool.. we took the little tour (1000 baht for 4 people in one boat) along the canals for about 2 hours... then we were off to Sampran Crocodile farm& zoo in Nakorn pathom province. For the ticket... Thai 80 baht, Foreigner 500 baht!!! (Foreigner gets better seat for the show though)

We saw 3 shows: Magician show, Elephants show and Crocodiles show... it was very fun... we really had good time there... I have some videos from this trip which you can see in Jeremy's blog. I have only photos here... (too lazy to upload)

After that we stopped at Don wai market..for a little shopping on the way back to Bangkok. So many food there... hmm... love it!

Coming back to Bangkok...when the sun starting to set... it's another good day we had. Now we're planning for next trip not far from Bangkok, one day trip or weekend trip.. :-)
I can't stop traveling!!! More travel more fun!!! (and more photos)

Now I gotta get back to my work... Ciao!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Last Christmas!

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, You gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, You gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

Once bitten and twice shy
I keep my distance but you still catch my eye
Tell me baby do you recognise me?
Well it's been a year, it doesn't surprise me

(Happy Christmas!) I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying "I Love You" I meant it
Now I know what a fool I've been
But if you kissed me now I know you'd fool me again


(Oooh. Oooh Baby)

A crowded room, friends with tired eyes
I'm hiding from you and your soul of ice
My God I thought you were someone to rely on
Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on
A face on a lover with a fire in his heart
A man undercover but you tore me apart
Oooh Oooh
Now I've found a real love you'll never fool me again


A face on a lover with a fire in his heart
(Gave you my heart)
A man undercover but you tore me apart
Next year
I'll give it to someone, I'll give it to someone special
I'll give it to someone, I'll give it to someone special
who'll give me something in return
I'll give it to someone
hold my heart and watch it burn
I'll give it to someone, I'll give it to someone special
I've got you here to stay
I can love you for a day
I thought you were someone special
gave you my heart
I'll give it to someone, I'll give it to someone
Last Christmas I gave you my heart
you gave it away
I'll give it to someone, I'll give it to someone

It's been a year that I found out Pier had another woman and he broke my heart... you can see how depressed and miserable I was from my blog between January - April 2006! Actually I planned to post this on Christmas Eve because it's the day of the truth and this song is perfect for it! It's just a little difference that I already gave my heart to someone special...
Thank you Pier and Nikki... because of you two, I found a very special person... I wish both of you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Obviously taken!

Today is exactly 5 months since we've been together... and we decided to make it official! To make it obvious!
Here it is! My engagement ring!!! My first diamond ring in my life! (I got it yesterday...whoo hoo...) I normally don't wear any ornament... but seems like I have to wear this one most of the time! (But I'm glad to do it)
Well..there is nothing much to tell... Merry Christmas to all of you!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Year New Things!!

Only few days to Christmas and soon will be New year.... The year 2007... This would be another good year for me!

Today I've been spending most of my time on surfing... what was I looking for? Yes! New things for new year.

Everyone has the list for what they want for next year right? I do have one too! but for now I can think of only 2 things I want! Well... Fino is not only for myself... it's co-project between me and Jeremy! but the NDS Lite.... I really wanna have it soon!!!

When will my first Green salary come????

Monday, December 18, 2006

Postcard from Singapore

Look! What I found in my mailbox today! It's a postcard! from Singapore!!!!

According to this post from PY... Here it is! I've got the postcard from her. Thank you so much! I wish I could win the prize.... but I also know that simple american is another person who will get this postcard or maybe he already got it... and I think it'd be better if he could win, so I can fly to SG with cheap low-cost airline to party with all the bloggers in Singapore!!!

What do you think? Then let's pray for simple american to win this postcard project!!!
*Don't forget to cross your fingers too!*

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Manila Vanilla!

Hello! I'm here in Manila!!! Yahoooo.... I leanred one word today "Mabuhay" means Welcome! I saw it on top of Immigration counters... I was wondering what it mean. Was I waiting on the correct line? Because there are other lines saying "OFW -- Oversea Filipino Workers" and "Diplomat" and "Airline Crew only", the rest are "Mabuhay"!!!
It turned out I was on the fine line... but the queue was long... it took me almost 2 hours for all processes including the trip to Greenpeace office!
Ahh... now you wonder why it's Manila Vanilla right? hehehe.. it's the very delicious Vanilla moouse cake that Thai Airways served on the plane... hmmm... I planned to just take a little bite of it but I couldn't resist its wonderful taste... I finished it all... slowly though! It was the best cake I ever had on the flight!
I'm so happy... Starting my trip with good cake..what else should I expect?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

First day at Greenpeace

I arrived the office 5 minutes before 9.00 am. A staff brought me to a table which is supposed to be my desk but it's still full of other's belongings...

I looked around, there is nobody in this office(except the reception who brought me in). I didn't know what to do.. I checked my mobile phone, there was one SMS from Jeremy... sent to me at 8.08 am, telling me to get my ass up (he said something more polite than this) and then I replied him that I'm already in office but nothing to do.

Sitting and looking around for a little while, as I saw a PC on my desk I thought I could use this (as it's on *soon to be* my desk) , I looked for the LAN cable.... found it! Turned on the power... signed in as guest... Ahh--Ha!

I checked emails... no new mail except for junk mails...

Hmm... I have nothing to write now... I better finish this post... more staffs arriving the office... I 'm better off now!

Keep our planet green ok? hehehe...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

MotorExpo '06


Chevy car

Another Chevy
Mazda cars
Everyone is here to see the cars!!!
And see? This is a cool car! I told you... I went there for cars!

I went to the MotorExpo '06 today at Challenger Hall... The reason I went there? Oh.. right! Of course I went to see the cars... what do you think I went to the motor show for? My brother wants to buy a car, so we all went there to see the cars to find out which model we really like. 80 baht we paid for the ticket...not bad as you can see many nice cars... all pretty and they really made me drooling... I'm definitely talking about pretty... what a day!

Monday, December 04, 2006

My new toy!


It's cool!
It's fun!
It's yummy!

the coolest sandwich maker ever!

Want SpongeBob for breakfast?

Lazy THHC™ month

I'm so sorry for the late result on my THHC™ November... the only reason is "I'm lazy"
But I will not let you wait for long, here is the result!!!

Number#1 -- May 23 hugs
Number#2 -- Jeremy 20 hugs
Number#3 -- LB 8 hugs
and of course.. lovely followers

Number#4 -- py 6 hugs
Number#5 -- ilias 5 hugs
Number#6 -- carakoala 1 hug

*Special for simple american, he always come at 4th comment... I can't ignore him... so I give him a special rank -- Best almost chupper!!

Happy December to everyone... it's the season of happiness... season of wishes... season of love... and season of hugs!