Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mama got her purse snatched!!!!!

This morning while I was still in bed..around 6 o'clock in the morning... Mama came to my room, knocking on the dooring and said "Jane! Help me! my purse was snatched!"

I was awake at that time actually as I just sent farewell to Jeremy who wakes up at 5.30 for work everyday. My first thought was 'I've heard of this story before! Jeremy's friend warned us about this last week saying that her friend who lives in our neighborhood got her bag snatched when she walked out on the street early in the morning! But I wasn't really worried as I never got up before 8 am!!! This wouldn't happen to me I thought-- I forgot, I should warn Mama.......'

She came into my room, gave me the telephone number of nearest police station she got from the motorbike taxi friend, and asked me to call this number for her. She was in shocked... all she had in hand was this little piece of paper and the handle of her purse (without the purse of course).

I called the police and they asked me several questions that I couldn't answer, so I let them talk to Mama.... I walked back to my room.... turned on the light... sat down on my bed... couldn't think of anything.

After awhile Mama came in and gave me my phone back, she said "Police will come to our house... I will wait for them downstairs." and she left.

I lied down on my bed... still couldn't think... I heard our dog barking...that means the police had arrived. I decided to go back to sleep...

Oh! I forgot to ask her one important thing!!!

I ran down to Mama...calling her.... when I found her I asked "Did you lose your ATM card?" she said "No, I didn't bring it. I had about 300 baht in my purse."
"What about mobile phone? where is it?" I asked again
"Mobile phone is here, at home... I didn't bring it either." she replied.

Ok then... there is nothing I have to do, now it's the police to find this snatching gang. I've heard that this is 3rd case that happened in my neighborhood... and the police assumed that they are the same group!

I'm glad Mama didn't get hurt... so please... Beware!