Tuesday, January 03, 2012

What feeds my spirit

It's been more than two years since my last post on Blogger.com. I think the reason I was absent here is because the influence of new social media like Facebook and Twitter. I have spent more time using those pages and forgot all about the blogging.

But now since I am on a very important mission -- Finding what feeds my spirit, and one of the way to find that out is to go back and read my old blogs. I expected to find something I really liked to do that made my soul at peace. You know what I have found?

Yes! I found many things that cheer up my spirit. Traveling, Good food, Photography, Drawing - arts and Blogging about all of those I like!

Here I'm blogging again. I don't expect many people to read my blog as same as I never expect people to follow my Twitter. Why? You may wonder why I blog if I don't expect people to read it. Well, it's just like my diary, the old style diary which is supposed to be secret. The diary that I write to myself, so that I can come back and read it again and to bring back some memories. Just to get me back to my nostalgia... that's all.

But I don't mind people reading my blog either, especially the people who read and share their thoughts with what I've written. I always appreciate their opinions.

There are many things happened in the past two years and I cannot remember all of them! *That's why I should blog about them, so I wouldn't forget!* Things have changed and I have changed. I am now a mother of a 19 months old girl who will be 20 months old on Sunday. I didn't think I can be a mother... I don't like kids! But to be honest, I love being a mother. I love my daughter so much. I can tell you that most of my blogs will be talking about her.

Here is my sweet & mischievous Ramona!

Isn't she adorable?

Oh! The washing machine is calling me... I gotta go hang up my laundry.

I promise I will tell you more about our trips to the north last year! See ya!

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oceanskies79 said...

A lovely daughter. Wishing you and your family best wishes.