Monday, December 19, 2005

I hate Three!!!

Or Tre in Italian!!!I hate them!!! I hate them!!!
It sucks!!! Nobody can call people who are using their service!!! Well...I can't!!!
I hate them!!!


L B said...

No, I don't use Tre either!! :-) Just Telekom Italia.. and I don't call anyone on 3 so I wouldn't know.

Simple American said...

I don't get it. *scratch head*

Jane said...

It's 3..Three or Tre... a mobile service company. It's based in Hong Kong...but also operated in Europe and Italy too..
And it sucks!!! I couldn't reach my bf!!! He is using 3!!!
sigh...I hate 3!!!
Got it now??

Simple American said...

I got it.

Anonymous said...

you said 'bf', don't tell me you ... nooo.