Saturday, February 04, 2006

Let's get drunk!

Camera person: Jane
Starring: Jo
Location: Khaosan road, Bangkok
Date: Friday 03, 2006
Title: Let's get drunk
Language: Thai


Kunstemaecker said...

Hehe, eventhough I didn't understand a word it was funny to look at.

Good to hear your voice again too. And I'm happy to see you got home safe after sending me a bazillion messages ;)

simple american said...

Hahahaha Jo is so cute. And bonus. I get to hear Jane's voice. hehehehe Yay.

So how are the protests?

Jane said...

The rally was over... Thank God.. :-)

Well...the request for translation will be accepted only in personal.

carakoala said...

Jane!!!! that was so funny! so u were drunked eh!!! jejeje! and so cool to hear your voice koalaaaaaaa! ;-)

Jo is so cute!!!!


Jane said...

Oh! I was drunk after that....the clip was made when we just arrived!! Not drunk yet..but seems we're drunk all the time...hahaha..

simple american said...

I wanna translation la. Please. Please.

And I am so smart. ;) The first thing Jo said is Jane! hehehehehe

Jane said...

Well...the first thing Jo said is like...You (Jane) are awful!