Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No name for this meme...

What I am wearing:

I'm wearing my need to take another shower cuz I already took a shower after yoga class!!

Something out of the ordinary on my desk:

a box of tamarind candy!

Current favorite song:

You're beautiful - James Blunt! I wish someone sing that song for me..hehe

Last thing consumed:

Deep fried chicked wrapped in seaweed...amazing huh?

Last phone call received:

Mom!! Asking where I was...I forgot to tell her I will go to yoga class and go home late!!

Current annoyance:

I'm useless!!!

Plans for the day/evening:

It's almost time to go to my plan is just go to bed I guess!

Free to take this.... I took it from Simple American and I did ask for permission! ;-)

1 comment:

simple american said...

Jane is not useless.