Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jane on the move!

Tomorrow Jeremy and I are going to move to our new apartment in Soi Thonglor as Jeremy got a new job there and will start working this Wednesday.

The apartment has gym and also swimming pool too! The room provides microwave, TV, refrigerator, queen sized bed, big closet, dining table + 2 chairs, telephone and low speed internet!!!

Well... as I'm planning to move tomorrow, I have to say that I'm not ready yet!

Packing ... not done
Car arranging ... not done

... What am I doing here??? I should get my ass up and start packing! What about Jeremy? He is still sleeping!!! *he said he was feeling sick, he needs to rest*
So it has to be ME!

Gotta go... ciao!


may said...

yes, what are you still doing here?! you should be blogging in your new home instead! LOL!! I'd lend you a hand if I could. I know how cumbersome it is to move, but also exciting! glad for the both of you. pictures of your new home soon?

mistipurple said...

all the best to you and Jeremy on the move and the new job for Jeremy!

car@kitty said...

hay!!! congratulations and positive spirit to that new place! your love place!! :-P

Muacks koala!!
ps: i hope by now you ended!

cutiepie said...

quick! quick ! post some your new apartment's photos ya ..

Nad Marie said...

Lots & lots of good luck!