Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally I update the hugs!

Sorry guys.... I'm bad... kill me!

but before killing me, please let me finish this update for March 2007!

1. Jeremy = 30 (he made the first chup 6 times straight!)
2. L B = 24 (he also made the second chup 8 times!)
3. may = 21 (she made good chups during the last posts)

4. simple american = 13 (he came slowly but surely)
5. swordman = 6 (he came out of nowhere but did quite good job)
6. carakoala = 1 (she made it in the first post, keep trying)
cp1 = 1 (he almost missed the chup)
umm = 1 (she made it to the list sometimes, I wonder what she is doing now)

Okay, now you have all the right to do whatever to punish me... but please..please..please... Kill me softly.


LB said...

Waaaa, I missed this post on my RSS!!! Weird! But glad you finally got it out too! Hooray for everyone!!! Wheeeeee........ *kills you with hugs* *grin*

may said...

how nice, I'm still there at the top after all these months... and it's a rarity too, only here now! thank you!! *muak muak muak*

Swordsman said...

Haha take care because I'll fight for the top... hahaha

simple american said...

How about just a hug. Already killed my quota for the day. :)