Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ni hao from Kunming!

Ni hao everyone!!!
I'm now in Kunming, Yunnan... China!!! I just arrived this afternoon... I will start my sightseeing tour tomorrow.

I'm here with my mom and Jeremy... It's our first time ever to China, it's so exciting! It's cool too!!! (The city and the weather is really cool!)

We just had traditional Yunnanian noodles... it's called "Over the bridge" noodles. I will show you the pictures when I am back home.

Now I should go, my mom is waiting...

Miss you all!
*By the way, next week I will be in Singapore.... Hope to see all Singaporean bloggers!!!!*

Nite nite!


willowtree said...

Jane.... while u are away,

give me your work!!!!!!!!!

I'm so broke

may said...

wo hen hao, ni ne?

enjoy Kunming! enjoy China! and later on, enjoy Singapore!

jam said...

Yunnan is nice. Plan to go there too in the near future.