Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tear gassing experience!

Photo by Associated Press

Today I have a brand new experience in my life.... I've been shot by tear gas!

As I was covering the protest in front of the parliament this afternoon. I was so unlucky as I was trapped inside the protesters' side when the police started firing tear gas on protesters! I was right there where the police fired more than 30 tear gas canisters on people..... It was the longest 5 minutes in my life..... so torturing.... I couldn't breath... I couldn't see well.... I heard the bombs and they were so close that my ears had temporary ringing noise.

After that I found myself on a small street running away from the crazy scene, hopped on a motorcycle taxi and told the driver "Get out of here ASAP!"

We went to a little further street where there was no effect from tear gas when I called my boss to see where he was. He told me to come back to the scene but this time behind the police lines.... It's safer he said.

I went back there.... found my boss..... and we started working again.... The police kept firing tear gas toward protesters.... until now.

It was really safer on the police side but I still got some tear gas in my eyes and nose and throat... sometimes but hey! I've survived!!!

And that's the most importance right?

I really need a good sleep tonight.... good night everyone!


eugene said...

Hey, you were unlucky to experience the tear gas. I experienced it b4 at KL. My advise to you is always stand behind the police and bring a small towel and a bottle of water. wet the towel to wash ur eye. :)

Simple American said...

I remember getting tear gassed in the army. No fun. We did it in training.

Merry Christmas to you. Hugs!!!