Monday, September 12, 2005

Count down: 5 days to GO!!!

Aha!! I started this week with joy!! (still woke up late though)...I don't really hate Monday as I used to... There was no raining in the morning...
I'm happy...waiting for my vacation!!! 5 more days to GO!! GO!! GO!!


Caracola said...

Same here! same here! SAME HERE!!!!!!
jajajaja! i am sooo happy this week! we will live and enjoy our days to the max!!! :-) ;-D

DCC said...

Oh, lucky Jane!!
You have even more holidays than I do! ;)

Just a few days of "easy" work and then some more spare time.

1 almost done, 4 to go, though. ;)

Jane said...

3.5 days to go now.. hehe

Simple American said...

Going to see a happy relaxed Jane. hahaha