Monday, September 19, 2005

Movie Monday!

If you're a big fan of my blog, you would notice that I always go to the movie on Monday! And Yes! This Monday is no exception! I went to see The Brothers Grimm...It's good..not only because I like Heath Ledger but the story is quite fun! I really had good time laughing and frightening...I don't know that I shoud put it into comedy or Thriller movie..well I just put it into Fantasy! I like Fantasy!
Oh..well....what should I go see on next Monday???


Simple American said...

I kinda liked it. Thought it could have been scarier. Oh well. Glad you had fun.

Simple American said...

Sorry no suggestion as to what to see next week. But in two weeks go see Serenity.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably your biggest fan, and I didn't know that. hmm.