Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Coup De Hugs!

Hello All Hug Hug Club members... here comes another month! It's the month of power! It's not really a good month for me though.. Coup, Measles and Tendonitus on my knee... Well I hope some good things will happen to me this month!

Here are the winners of Coup De Hugs!
Gold: LB (24 hugs)
Silver: Jeremy (23 hugs)
Bronze: may (11 hugs)

and the loyal followers:
Adrian: 5 hugs
J: 3 hugs
lyn: 3 hugs
simple american: 2 hugs
misti: 1 hug

Wish you all happy October!!! Love ya!!!


Jeremy said...

Hats off to LB! That was some fast commenting, I'm impressed. A close race this time, for sure! Hugs for my sweet Jane :-)

L B said...

Nicely done!! Love the Dog Tags!!! Very nice!! Wheeeee... MUAKS!! Thank you, thank you!!!

Jeremy said...

L B!!! How did you do that? You posted the last response at most two seconds before I was going to post mine! I thought I would get the first one for sure, but once again, you were first :-p this month I'm gonna step up my game, watch out!

carakoala said...

DARN!!! i am not even in the list..hehe! that's know i am always here ^-^

simple american said...

I think the dog tags are great too. Hugs for you.

Congratulations to the winners. :)

may said...

oooh, I haven't had a "dog tag" for ages, this one's darn cool! thanks, and well done to all!

mistipurple said...

wow, all the chuppers are serious veterans here.
how to win like that? *scratch head*
but at least i got me name up there. heh.

Lyn said...

And here's a belated hug for you Jane!!! muacksssssss! :)

Kunstemaecker said...

How do I join?

L B said...

Oops, sorry, Jeremy.. I don't have any idea how that happened either... Hmmm...

may said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Jane!!

Jane said...

@L B: Thank you Thank you...Thank you...

@Jeremy: Hugs for my sweet Jeremy too!

@Jeremy: You can't beat the "Master"... L B is the King of Hug Hug Club!!

@carakoala: You will be on the list next month as you scored 1 point already!

@simple american: Hugs for you too! Thanks

@may: now you got one! Thanks!

@misti: You did good job too... but you gotta try harder! L B, Jeremy and may will not let you chup easily!

: Hugs for my girl in Italy!! Ciao!!

@Kracker: You must try to be one of the first 3 comments on my post! That's easy, right?

@L B: Hahaha... Poor Jeremy

@may: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you too!!! Hugs!!!

cp1 said...

nice tags!!!