Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Red Balloon

My Daily Horoscope....on Halloween 31 Oct 2006!
As if they were a bouquet of red balloons, you have been holding on to wish after colorful wish for years now. Today, one of those balloons might slip past your grasp and sail away from you -- but you shouldn't run after it. Watch it float higher, onward, to land in a place you'll never know. Then, realize that it didn't really elude your grasp. You consciously let go. Value the fact that you were the powerful force in that scenario -- and then go wish yourself another red balloon.
Where is another red balloon???

*Happy Halloween to everyone* Boo Hoo!


Kunstemaecker said...

Maybe your red balloon at this very instant is finding a new job.

may said...

happy halloween!! dun cry... I'll buy you another red balloon, ok? nice and shiny one!

Jeremy said...

I agree with Kunstemaecker, the balloon seems like it represents your job! I know you'll find something really good, and it sure will be nice to take a little break from the daily grind in the meantime. :-)

J said...

happy halloween dear!!!!!

simple american said...

Happy Halloween mei mei. Hugs.

*dries eyes*

*hands a dozen red balloons*

carakoala said...

THAT'S IT!! red ballon= job oh my god! how can sometimes horoscopes be so exact? lol!! MUACKSSSSSSSS!!