Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Jane always (with food)!!!

*Fish sticks and French fries with Pailin (NTV)*

*Myanmar wanton soup*

*International buffet dinner at Traders Cafe (Hotel)*

*Dimsum buffet lunch at Summer Palace (Traders Hotel)*

*Teppanyaki set menu at Tategoto (Traders Hotel)

*Seafood Kwauy tiew by Room service*

No need to say anything... as one picture says 1000 words... Look at those pictures... and tell me what you think! Oh... but I have to tell you... I didn't eat all the time when I was there, I did some work too!!! Don't you believe me???


Jeremy said...

The food looks delicious! Look at that lovely smile :-)

Adrian Roberts said...

The food looks great and I bet it tastes great but you jane look great yourself :D

Umm said...

Hew Hew ..itcha maak makk aroi aroi hee hee

L B said...

WAAAAAAA... my comment?!! *sob*sniff*LOL* Your spam filter dang strong!

carakoala said...

OMG!!!! we are both happy koalas with food in front of us Jane!!! :-)

i wish i could try it out ALL! and also, learn how to eat with sticks! i am still not able to manage them. *sigh* hugs!! hope u feel better with knee.

Jane said...

@Jeremy: Always have big smile when I have the delicious food in front of me!

@Adrian: It tasted fantastic! Everything was great there.. yum yum!

@Umm: Aroi mak mak loey... hmmm.... aroi aroi.

@L B: Sorry L B! I know you chup it first... but my yahoo mail deleted your comment! Sorry ka...

@carakoala: Yeah... FOOOOOOD!!!! I can teach you how to be good with sticks!!! :-)

simple american said...

Eat Eat Eat.


Wow you even eat fish sticks with the chop sticks. I just grab em with my fingers. I'm such a barbarian. wahahahahaha!

Kunstemaecker said...

I want to eat your food now.