Tuesday, March 27, 2007

5 places I love to dine...

I got tagged!! Oh Yeah!!! by our big brother, simple american... I guess he knows very well how much I love food! and maybe he is planning a trip to Asia just to taste some of our great dishes!

Here is the tag!
The rules are simple:
1. List out your top 5 favourite place to eat at your location.
2. Put down your link below together below the name/nick of the person who tag you and link directly to your post. Please include the state or country you’re from.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Simple American (Sugar Land, Texas, USA)
Jane (Bangkok, Thailand)

3. Tag 5 other people (preferable from other countries/states)

Well... the hardest part is not to find 5 people to tag but it's to pick only 5 places for this tag!
Mmmm...... I'm quite in huge trouble now...

Ok! I decided to tell you my 5 favourite places at this moment only! Bangkok is huge! And there are so many good places to dine at, depends on where I am in Bangkok! But I consider these top 5...if I'm at home where I wanna go eat!

Well... we will start with number#5 -- au bon pain
I know it doesn't sound so Thai to you... and they don't serve Thai food either! What can I say? Sometimes I crave for some western tastes too! Like salad, sandwiches... stuff like that! And I'm a big fan of au bon pain, especially their smoked salmon wasabi sandwich! Oh.....yum

number#4 -- MK Suki restaurant

Thai suki restaurant.. Like hotpot but what I like most about MK is their roasted duck! It's so good! Oi...drooling just think of it! Oh not only hotpot, suki and roasted duck, they have very good dim sum too!

number#3 -- Rooster restaurant (ไก่โต้ง)
It's not far from my house...actually it's walkable distance. They serve Thai-Isaan food.. like those somtum I showed you before. They make really good food and not expensive too! I always recommend this restaurant to my friends and also brought them there myself. I welcomed Jeremy on his first day in Thailand at this restaurant too! You can order anything on their menu! Guaranteed!

number#2 -- Kuroda
A Japanese buffet restaurant for 399 baht... and all you can eat! You can order form menu and they will just cook for you. That's why I like this restaurant... fresh and newly cooked! And I'm sure you've heard of it from my blog before!!!
*Here is me holding Kuroda's menu, ready to order!*

and number#1 -- My home!
No kidding! There is no place like home! and my mom is one of the great cooks! You don't believe me? Well... come here and I will invite you to our dinner feast and you will love my mom and of course her food too!
*To confess, I can't think of any place better than my house! I can eat here everyday and every meal... and when I taste good food in a restaurant, I always say "This is just like mama's cooking! delicious!"

And 5 people to tag?
Well... my rule is NOT tag anyone! Love to do, do it! and leave a note telling me you did and I will definitely read it!


simple american said...


And mom is number one. :D

How do I make a reservation there?

may said...

I am all for Thai food! I especially love all the tomyam kungs and the noodles. absolutely yummy!

Swordsman said...

I agree with you!!! The number#1 restaurant is my house!!!
These dishes look delicious....

Jane said...

@simple american: Yeah? Just let me know when you have ticket to Thailand, you will have the reservation for the dinner feast at my home on the day your arrive!!!

@may: Ahh.. did you try tomyum goong noodles? so gooooooood!

@Swordman: Hey! where are you now? still traveling the world? SO if I'm in Spain, I shouldn't miss the food at your house huh? ;)

Swordsman said...

Sure if you come to Spain while I'm there you can taste my mum's cuisine...
In two days I'll be in Amsterdam!!

velverse said...

Wooo.... Hi I got here from SA's blog.

Great recommendations :D I'm going thai soon... will give some a shot :)

carakoala said...

Ooooopssss i forgot to do this tag...i owe it to Jerry!

i have a new home koala, hope to see you once in a while over there to eat and sleep some nap jejejeje!! ;-)

looooooooooong time no catching you on YM! sniff sniff.....muacks and hugs my fav koala!!!! lu!!!!

madamerouge said...

In Toronto, many of my favourite places are Thai restaurants:

Golden Thai (105 Church Street)
Green Mango (730 Yonge Street)
Pi-Tom's (6 Alexander Street)

I also love Mexican:
Hernando's Hideaway (52A Wellington Street East)

...and neighbourhood pubs like Hair of the Dog (425 Church Street)

carakoala said...

UPDATE JEN!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

py said...

Delicious. I saw the sashimi, and I started to feel like eating up the photo. :P

j said...

hmm i remembered posting a comment on this one!! i mentioned that i went to the yummy restaurant u featured which was near your house?!!

CreditCook said...

I personally adore so called Indian Candy that I once tasted when I was in Canada. It is smoked salmon in maple syrop. Try it once and you will never forget the taste.