Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hello from new room!!

Finally... I have internet connection from my new room in Soi Thonglor!!! Phew....
Thought I couldn't use internet.. that'd be my worst nightmare!!

Anyway, I'm here now at my new room and back to the cyber world. Oh... for the pictures of my new room, you will have to wait for awhile. I promise you will see soon!! and you will see the same view from my balcony too! Our room is on 6th floor... and it's in the nest of the city center. Peaceful but very close to everywhere!

Oh! I have a good news to tell you! I've been accepted to be new student of MIR10 , I will study master's degree!

Hmmm... Time to go back to school!

Teachers! Beware! Here I come!


Simple American said...

Cool. Welcome home. :)

May said...

Yay!! so glad you have internet connection in your room. wireless too? then you could even blog from the loo... *wink*

car@kitty said...

AWESOME JANE!!!!! congratulations!!!!! Happy you took my test! WELL DONE!!! :-*

Jane said...

@simple american: thank you... hugs

@may: no wireless and low speed connection here.. *snif* *snif*

@car@kitty: Thanks koala! ;-) I'm good in guessing..NO I do know you my dear!!