Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jeremy in Wonderland!

This is the photo I shot when Jeremy showed me around his ex-school, Tub Keaw kindergarten. It's the first time I ever seen and even known that there is special size of lavatory for kids! These little toilets are so cute!!! *Well if they're cleaner!*

I just want to show you how small they are... compare to the teacher Jeremy! hehehe... He looks like a giant in this small world!

P.S. Just wondering, can you do your "business" in there if your friends are sitting next to you???


Simple American said...

No privacy at all huh?

Hope they had a big one for Jeremy.

may said...

hahaha! couldn't help laughing! not because it's funny, but because all those little potties are so cute!

cutiepie said...

hahhahahahhaha! the lil 'throne' so cute and funny too ..

Jane said...

@simple american: no no... I don't think I can do that but lucky! they have private toilet in adult size for teacher and visitors! phew!

@may: I know, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw them too! cutie!

@cutiepie: yeah... but it makes sense as the most users are under 6 years old! so cute!!!