Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Polluted Maptaphut

As some of you may remember that I used to work for Greenpeace SE Asia for about 2 months. During the time I was working there, I had a chance to visit a place called "Map Ta Phut", an industrial estate in Rayong province.

"In 2003 Greenpeace took samples of wastewater from Vinythai and Thai Plastic & Chemicals at their point of discharge to the canal in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate as well as sediment from the canal. The results show contamination of a range of highly toxic and carcinogenic substances."

I have some photos to show you.... I took these photos when I was there to do research on how many people effected from the pollution.

And not only human...who is suffering from the pollution, this little dog too!


Simple American said...

The water looks pretty yucky.

may said...

yerrrr... that's like dirty Milo in the sea... poor sea! *pats doggy*

Jane said...

@simple american: I know! Imagine that you not only see it but smell it and taste it everyday too!!!

@may: There are fish..in that dirty milo sea that people catch everyday and cook and sell in the market everyday... Who knows where the fish in the market are from??? Scary huh?!

Jeremy said...

Wow, that's disturbing!

Anonymous said...

How about Klong Saen Seb!!
Any Green Peace?


Umm said...

Klong Saen Saeb :)
Any Green Peace!!