Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Meet my favourite neighbors!!!

Sawadee ka! my friends...
Today I'm so proud to introduce you my neighborhood and also my favourite neighbors! Can't wait to meet them huh???

Here they are!!!

My number#1 neighbor is 'may' (38 hugs last month!)
My number#2 neighbor is 'simple american' (20 hugs last month!)
My number#3 neighbor is 'jeremy' (17 hugs last month!)*

My other favourite neighbors who always come to say Hi to me in their own way...are
cutiepie (6 hugs)
L B (5 hugs)
ilias, ray ray and swordsman (4 hugs)
py and kracker(3hugs)
mistipurple (2 hugs) - she is the other one who lives in that purple building!
car@koala and uum (1 hug)

I know you'll love my neighbors as they are so cool!! and I'm so lucky to have them around! I love you all!!!

*Well.. Jeremy isn't living in that building! but I can't show you where he actually lives... ;-) it's secret!!!


L B said...

OMG! 38 HUGS!!!!! Waaaa, this Ah May really terror!!! LOL, way to go! Happy Hug Hugs!!

may said...

wahahaha! I didn't know I made it to the top, woo-hoo! well done, everyone. happy huggy chupping!

ilias said...

i dont play ....i dont play ....i dont play.....i have sent more than MAY ....i must be first....woooooowwww ,first time i see May's pic......woooooooow she is so beautiful......ok...she can be first....May you are you are so cuteeeeeeeeeee

Simple American said...

Howdy neighbor!!! :)


cutiepie said...

howdy!!! waaa may may 38 HUGS!!! *salute*

Swordsman said...

Hugs hugs, hugs, hugs... jaja hope next time will be near the top!!

Leonard said...

i also want to become neighbour!


new neighbour waving to jane!