Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sagano ramen

Last week Lin and I went to a ramen place here in Soi Thonglor because I told her many days ago that I really wanted to have ramen!!! and I just tried a new ramen shop near my house, they just open 1 day before! I wasn't impressed with that ramen shop at all and I kept thinking I need very good ramen... ramen... please...I need ramen! *I think it's a part of PMS*

So Lin suggested me this restaurant in Soi Thonglor 13 where there are many Japanese restaurants in this street, it's called "nihonmura" or Japanese village. I will try other restaurants and will tell you about them later!

Today as I told you earlier, we came with one thing in mind... "Ramen", I did some research about good ramen shops in Bangkok and there are 2 famous one which are Ramentei and Yamagoya ramen. Yamagoya is actually located in nihonmura too (to be more specific, it is right next to the shop I had my ramen!!) and I wanted to try but Lin told me to try "Sagano" because they serve more choices of ramen soup.

Walked into shop, the waitress came to us and said the tables were full, and we had to wait for while. Ok... no problem, and we waited.

I didn't know how long we had waited as I was busy talking with Lin and also deleting contacts from my sim card at the same time... we got a big table!

I had a hard time making decision on the soup... there are 4 choices... I wanted to try the white soup but it will come with special portion and a little more expensive, so I decided to have miso chashu ramen.... hmmm.... a little bit too salty for me but what I care most is the ramen...the noodle! and their noodle was good!

We ordered some more things... Lin didn't have breakfast, so she was a little hungry. She ordered salad and gyoza for share and a cold ramen for herself. Look like dessert to me!!! I don't know what it's called... but I don't need to know cuz I am royalty to hot ramen with nice soup, well I can say for me... chashu ramen only!!!

Finished the ramen... I was happy... Having good food really makes me think how lucky I am to be in this world... or how lucky I am to be in Thailand... there are so many good food here... and not too expensive. I love being in Thailand... love it!

So... what should I have for breakfast tomorrow?!?


mistipurple said...

lol. craving must be fulfilled eh? i can so understand that feeling!

may said...

bacon and eggs for breakfast! or if it's LB, he'd suggest lormaikai... lol!

Anonymous said...

i would like to make love to that ramen

car@kitty said...

OH JANE!! I love to come by because i learn so much from you!!!! you are the best explaining to all of us the food! LOVE YA KOALA!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

usually I love the food pictures you post, but these look disgusting. YUK.

Jane said...

@misti: yeah... :P Now I don't feel like having anything... you know why!

@may: I had waffles!

@ray: Oh...poor ramen! ;-)

@carakoala: You're always welcome!!! Love you too!!

@kunstemaecker: Really? :-(

Simple American said...

I want pancakes, but they have to be wholewheat. Will cheat and have maple syrup. hehe

willowtree said...

Hey Jane...

hehehehehehe i didn't come to see u for a while la

u always take nice pictures na~

Want to go there again?



willowtree said...

hey JANE

Just dropping by la..

seeing Ramen in the picts

reminds me that we need to go again


how come u always take good photos ??????~!!!!!