Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My favourite Killing time games!

"Have you ever felt so bored?"

I guess the answer is "Yes!"

"What do you do when you're bored?"

I guess there are many answers...

For me... I like to do many things depending on my mood...

Sleeping <--- Yeah... so what? I'm bored...and I don't want to do anything! So I sleep! My favourite thing to do when I'm bored...

Watching TV <--- Sometimes it makes me bored even more as there is nothing interesting on TV

Reading <--- Anything that I can, newspaper, menu, dictionary, advertising billboard, food tag, brochure...anything

Playing game <--- I have a Game boy advance, game boy micro and PC games... That's what I'm going to tell you today! My favourite games!

I will tell only PC games as I have 296 IN 1 for my Game boy... but I only play a few of them! I'm an old fashioned, still play Tetris, Super Mario, Dr. Mario, Ninja Kage, Ice climber, Battle City, Bomber man and B-Wings.

My favourite PC games...

My first game on PC that kept me up all night... I still remember that time.... I was using my brother's PC as we shared a studio room in an apartment. I was a freshman in university. That time I was playing from a diskette..boot from drive A:, it was a yellow diskette! I loved it!

-- Love it! I still have it here on my PC! I play it sometimes when I'm really bored!

Around the same time that I'd got SimFarm, I got another game which is similar to SimFarm... well... you probably know what kind of games I like! as it's the same concept!!! This one I was really addicted to! I played it all day and all night! And yes.. I just installed it on my PC!!! and I can't stop playing it!!!

Transport Tycoon -- I always choose the color scheme 'light blue' and build my HQ in the biggest city!

This game I know through my roommate, Ying. We shared the room when we were in senior year in university. She brought her PC in and we all shared that PC for school work and also entertainment. That's how she introduced me to her favourite game which became mine as well.

Starcraft -- I liked playing as Zerg, it's an alien empire... I don't like playing as a human. It's not so fun! Being an alien that destroys human is a lot more fun! Don't you think so?

When I worked for MTV Thailand, I worked from 10 am. to 7 pm. but I always did a carpool with my colleagues and we normally went back home around 9-10 p.m. when the live programs are over. What did I do while waiting? Playing games! There were 2 favourite games that I played at MTV, sometimes my boss came to see why I looked so serious staring at the monitor which I didn't do when I was working.

1. Heroes of Might and Magic III -- I only had HOMM 3 at that time... I wished I could play multiplayer mode but with a pirate one, I couldn't.

2. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom -- Another friend also named Ying introduced me to this game, she is the queen of this kind of strategy game. I know Pharaoh, Caesar and this game from her. I used to stay overnight in her apartment and played the game on her PC all night until sunrise! That's how addicted I was to this game.

The last game for today is the most recent favourite game of mine, I am not good enough in this game yet but I will improve my skills... I will...I promise! I got this one on DVD, the quality is very good. I upgraded my video card for my PC because I wanted to play 3D games... and this game is the reason I did that!

City Life -- More options than SimCity, nicer graphic but I'm still learning how to make my city growing and running my city smoothly and wealthy.

Oh........ I'm bored now! Really bored! That means it's time to do something! Playing a game!!!!! I gotta go now.... I have to harvest my strawberries and sell off my fat cows!!!


may said...

can I have some of your strawberries and 2 fat cows, please? LOL! when I'm bored I usually take a walk 'cos watching TV, sleep, etc sometimes makes it even more boring, if you know what I mean. too bad I'm not hooked on computer games, otherwise I could grow peaches and rear pigs!

cutiepie said...

hmmm mine would be a bit sinful, i will nibble on some junk food *guilty face*

Anonymous said...


willowtree said...

Hey jane .... this blog wa'
I'm addicted to games to as u know
we had this conversation ner~

well lets make it game and such and such... hahahahaha

Swordsman said...

I love classic arcade games!! Tetris and PaCMan jajja

Simple American said...

I loved those games. Now I'm playing World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. Waiting for my Guitar Hero 2 to arrive also.