Thursday, August 02, 2007

My new blog

I have created a new blog at wordpress. It's all about my journeys as it's called "Jane's journey"

If you want to know about my journey... just go to the link above!
See you there!!!


may said...

yay! see you there!

mudpie said...

so bye bye to this one .. and hello to the new one *happy weekend*

Anonymous said...

Will you stop updating this blog? Tell me so I can update my links.

Jane said...

@may: Thanks for visiting!!

@mudpie: No no no.. not bye bye to this one yet!!! please come back here once in awhile... that new one is only for travel blog!

@little (chicken) kracker: No! I will still update this blog for my personal things... you cam add my new blog to your links. ;-) Thanks!!!