Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Honeymoon trip - Chiangdao

The next morning, we got up early getting ready to go to Chiang dao. We took a local bus about 1 hour and a half to get there for 40 baht each. It was raining all the way from Chiangmai to Chiangdao and still raining when we got to our resort. We didn't do anything in that afternoon because of the rain but we did enjoy relaxing at the resort -- Malee's nature lovers bungalows

The resort area

It was about 4 pm when the rain seemed to stop. We decided to go exploring the nearest cave temple.

Not only us going to the temple that day

The way to the cave

Our destination! Up there! Keep walking!

We saw it on the half way pit stop.

Finally...we made it to the top!

The Buddha statue inside the pagoda

We were lucky that it was no rain when we went up there. The view up there was stunning, breathe taking view but hey! I'd love to breath more as the air was so clear unlike Bangkok's!!! It was worth taking long and deep breathe there.... Ahhhhh.....

The beautiful sky on the way back to our resort

510 steps... that's good enough for the evening work out! Then we went back to sleep..........zzzzzzzz


car@ said...

omg!!! so idilic!!! so romantic!!! the best place for honeymoon!!! i am sure you enjoyed it to the max Ms. Fugal! :-)

madamerouge said...

The cloud patterns you caught in those pictures... stunning!

mudpie said...

beautiful!!! beautiful!!!

more more pix please :)