Saturday, February 09, 2008

Honeymoon trip - Part II

After visiting the famous and 'must see' temple, we went back to our hotel and waited for my friend (my ex-roommate from the university), Money, to join us.

But after waiting for awhile, she hadn't shown up yet and we were hungry (again). We asked the hotel staff where to get cheap, local food nearby. He said the walkable area where we can find restaurants is on Nimmarnhemin road, so we headed there.

We tried to look for recommended restaurants in our guidebook but we couldn't find any, so we decided to walk into a restaurant where I saw many Thai folks hanging out there. (That should be a good sign, right?)

Here are our first dinner in Chiang mai:

The famous Northern style curry noodle called "Khao soi"

The Northern style sausages called "Sai ua"

Lemon grass spicy salad with shrimps (Not the Northern style)

Deep-fried soft shell crab with garlic and pepper (Not Northern but I liked to have it!)

Money arrived when we were having dinner, so she joined us and she was so kind to treat us that meal. Thank you Money! Kiss kiss!

Jane and Money

We were lucky to arrive there on Sunday as in Chiang mai, there is a special Sunday night market on the historical street. After dinner, Money was our guide to show us around the market.

It's great for shopping and sight seeing at the same time!

As Money had to drive about 1 hour back to her home in Lampun, so we had to split early that night. Jeremy and I had to get ready for tomorrow trip to Chiang dao too, so we went to bed early. The first day on our honeymoon was great!!! Good way to start!


ilias said...

for all the ....MONEY (wooow wooow) of the world

may said...

your friend has such a unique name, Money! she must be very lucky, everyone wants some 'money'... ;-)