Monday, February 04, 2008

Honeymoon trip - Day #1

Ahhh... Finally I have time to sit down and get all the photos out of the camera. Now it's time to talk about this honeymoon trip.

Jeremy and I decided to go to Chiang mai as Jeremy never been to the north before. We went there by sleeping train (because it's cheaper and we can sleep too!)

Jeremy on the train

Jane on iPod listening "On the train" playlist

We arrived Chiang mai at 7.30AM (On time!!!! My friend who lives in the north now said she never never experienced on time train!), we took a red mini truck to our hotel "Suan doi house"

The garden view from our front balcony

We thought we could sleep on the train but the train was too bumpy and too cold, so we didn't sleep well. The hotel allowed us to check-in early, and we crashed when we reached the bed.

Waking up from the nap, feeling hungry! Lonely Planet guidebook said the hotel we stay has a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant "Le Gong kum", we decided to try! And they're right!!! The food there was so good.... mmmm.... yummy!

Our starter... Vietnamese style Calamari

Nam neung... It's so goooood!

Vietnamese fresh spring rolls

After our first wonderful meal in Chiang mai, we headed to the famous temple on Doi Suthep. This temple is the 'must see' temple in Chiang mai, they believe that if you come to Chiang mai but didn't come to this temple, it's like you haven't come to Chiang mai yet!!!

So.... we did visit Chiang mai finally!

The most popular shot at the most famous temple

What we learned today on the first day in Chiang mai is taxi drivers in Chiang mai are cheaters! I didn't say all of them are but when they have chance to rip tourists off, they do! I was really disappointed even I've got the warning from my friend earlier but still... I expected that Northern people or Chiang mai people will be friendly and kind but the people I met on the first day are not. They cheated on the Thai people, so FOREIGNERS! BE CAREFUL EVEN MORE!!!


mistipurple said...

Congratulations, Jane and Jeremy!
My best wishes to both of you!

may said...

the spring rolls look delectable, the temple marvelously grand! more photos, more more!

*makes note to be careful of Chiangmai cabbies*

Bree said...

Interesting to know.