Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My PC got virus!!

As I told you I'm protected...but I forgot about my PC... sigh...now I can't check emails on my cmputer and it's very slow...everything is so slow... :-(
I need a doctor!! Help!!!


Yng Lyn said...

oh no! you poor dear.. i am having the same problems with my pc too.... it is depressing :(
i hope your pc will be alright, and the sun shines again!

Jane said...

Hmm... yeah... I'm trying to fix it by myself... but not succeed yet :-P
I hope your PC get well soon too..

Simple American said...

Both you girls need new bfs. Explain to him if he really lurves you he will buy you a new computer with high speed internet and all the protection for the computer and anything else that needs protecting.

JoeC said...

Like anything mechanical or wot not, needs regular maintenance n the right protection.... recommend xp w/ sp2 plus norton, simple setup that works. Failing which, take simple american advice....hehehehe. cheers then!

mistipurple said...

since there are smart people here, how do you solve the cookies deactivating thingy, anyone? i cant shout in some boxes. tried everything.
sorry jane, i hijacked your place.

JoeC said...

@mistipurple.... how do u mean "cookies deactivating thingy"? cheers!

mistipurple said...

jane, sorry i need to clutter your space. dont know where else to comment to JOEC.

joec, after posting comments in shoutbox.com, i will get the comments 'cookies deactivated?' on top. i tried internet options, advance, privacy, cookies, control panel etc. toyed with a number of combinations, nothing worked. i've got an xp passed to me by a friend. i googled. nothing constructive though i did see alot of people having same problems.

Jane said...

It's ok Misti... :-)
I'm glad people come here to help each other.
Cuz I always shout out for help here too!!!!
Jane still needs help!! ;-)