Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Something funny (well I think it's funny) happened this morning while I was on the BTS skytrain on the way to my office. I got into the train from Asok station, it's the connecting station with subway and when I was between Nana station heading to the station I have to get off...which is Ploen Chit Station where my office is... The voice annoucing next station was saying...Next station "Asok", passener can connect to MRT from this station.. What??? What???

Are you going to Ploenchit?? I looked around to see people's reaction...and I saw many funny faces...there was a group of chinese tourists standing next to me...they all looked puzzled..not sure of what they just heard. I saw they looked at the map inside the train and asking each other...hehehe...

For me...this is not the first time... it happened before..many times...hehehe... and what I like about it is...people's reaction with this mistake...

You can see me walking off the train with a big smile on my face this morning...Oh! I did check with the sign at the station that I get off at the right station!! And I did get off at Ploenchit!...phew... ;-)

***Be careful when using BTS Skytrain...You can't trust them!!!

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simple american said...


That would just kill me. Be in another country and have to ask for 100 questions and the public transit gets it wrong. Eeeee!!!!