Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Going Solo!

I have 1 week off...start from 21 to 29 January. I'm going to Koh Bulon, Satun province in the south of Thailand.
And I'm going solo....
I plan to bring many books for this trip...and to take many photos, just to make you guys envious when I come back..hehehe...


carakoala said...

And plan to be a bit naughty too Jane!!!!!! u will enjoy so much, you'll see!!! ;-)

simple american said...

Make me extremely envious. :)

E-umm said...

you can't go to Koh Bulon without me Jane!!!!
Take me too. ไป ด้วย คน ซิ

The day after tomorrow

Here permanently -30 C brrrrr brrr

Sea Sand Beach

by the way takes lot of cares na


Jane said...

Uum..if you can make it..Let's meet up at Hatyai this Saturday!!
And we will go to Koh Bulon together!!!
I wish I can take you with me... Well...let's think this way...I'm doing survey for you...and next time we will go together!!

Nikki said...

Have a nice trip Jane.
You'll have a lot of fun. ciao-

Jane said...

Thanks Nikki.