Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jane and flowers...

Hmm...I like flowers... I want to get flowers from guys too...but as no guy gives me any flowers. So I bought myself some flowers today. :-)
And...I wish that on this coming 14th...there would be at least one guy...give me flowers..hehehe
I'm a girl, you know? I like flowers too..even I don't look sweet...but I am SWEET!!!

**Added at 17:41 PM

I got flowers from one guy!! Seriosha!! Thank you...even it's in digital file but I appreciated your thought not the flowers. :-)


carakoala said...

awwwww! yes that is so sweet of Seriosha! i can see a jane with huge smile now!

I dun like valentine's day...never liked it before. But i do like flowers.....every once in a while....jeje!

Hugs jane!!!

simple american said...

Flowers our nice. Once my wifey sent me some. ;)