Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back at work!

Hello Folks...I'm back at work!!
After 5 days...been so lazy... now I'm back! (but still lazy)

One thing... I would like to remind you...that next week, on Tuesday 25th, is my birthday!!! Anyone wants to greet, send me present... Thank you very much. ;-)

Ok..... time to get back to work!!!
I missed you all!


carakoala said...

LOL jane!! jejejeje! you are going back to work and i am having dayz off! Muahahahahaha!! ;-)
Missed ya too babe!

Jane said...

Oh well...I have half day off today anyway... ;-)

JY said...

sending you an advanced birthday greeting before the new term consumes me, Jane =)

Jane said...

Thanks JY! I send you back birthday greeting in advance ( in case I am busy on my birthday and forget it's your birthday too!!!)