Friday, April 28, 2006

Water and Jane

Jane: Hi there...where are you rushing to?
Water: I don't know.
Jane: and then why are you going there?
Water: Because we have to.
Jane: But you don't know where it is and what is going to happen to you there?
Water: No, I don't know.
Jane: Aren't you afraid?
Water: Yes, I am but I still have to go.
Jane: This is amazing. I Like your idea! but I have one more question.
Jane: Why are you rushing?
Water: Oh! Yes! Why am I???
Jane: !?!?

I always had a dream about water, like I swimming (which I don't know how to in real), sailing, or pushing by water...go along in the river...
I don't know why I dreamed about it...
So I asked a friend to interpret my dreams, and he told me to write a conversation between me and water with 75 words.
And this is what I wrote...

Do you know what it means? Will you help me interpret my dreams?


may said...

dream of water, did you say? when I want to find out what they mean (or so they say), I usually go to the Dream Moods website. here's what they have on Water. :)

L B said...

Water can mean money (in Chinese), I guess :-).. or Sayuri's eyes (in Memoirs of a Geisha), or Need to go Pee (in my mind)..

DCC said...

You know? Maybe you just want to let the stream sweep you away. Perhaps you feel like a salmon, going counter-stream in life, and want to let go.

But, you know what? I love to be a salmon! :)

Jane said...

May: Thanks for the clue to my dream but seems like they have nothing to describe my dream moods..

L B: Then I would want to swim in money... but not others!!!!

DCC: You know what? I love eating salmon!!! But maybe... I'm questionin gmyself..where am I going? and why hurry? You think so???

simple american said...

Slow moving clean water is a sign of good fortune. Rushing water is sign of trouble. Swim across it and your hopes will soon be realized.