Friday, June 02, 2006

3rd Drawing Lesson

This is my 3rd lesson...with round object..
First I got assigned to draw flowers but it's too difficult, so I asked my teacher to change the object. Then I got to find kitchen object that is round, so I found this! The coffee cup!!!
What do you think about my 3rd drawing??? Need more practice, huh?


simple american said...

That is well done. The shadows are a little rough, but everything else looks well.

L B said...

That is excellent!! Nicely done, liao! Good for you.. *gives you a nice pat on the back and a GREAT BIG HUG from the front*!!! :-)

py said...

Good work.
To make it better, just use a single light source to shine on the object. Thereafter, observe the play of shadows and light on the still life. :)

JY said...

like this and think that it's more interesting than the 1st two.

simple american said...

Okay Jane. I am leaving you your interview question here.

1. What led you to choose the media as a career?

2. What is the most dangerous happening of your life?

3. Where do you want to visit the most if money is no object and who (only one choice) will you take with you?

4. What is your dream job?

5. A seedy individual offers you US$10,000,000 if you destroy exclusive footage of an atrocity. Would you?

may said...

I like!

Jane said...

@SA: I know... I had 20 minutes to finish this lesson...and it was hard!! I need more practice on shadow...

@L B: Thanks.. Hugs :-)

@PY: Chup! You got a bronze!!! hehe.. Well I was in office..and light is from everywhere... Actual light from outside... lights from lighting..many of them. :-P

@JY: Thank you... and I think it'll be more and more interesting objects to draw.

@SA: Ok! Will do!

@may: Thanks..I like it too...