Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ray Ray for Tea

Tea with Ray Ray -- Oolong tea after lunch during conversation with Ray Ray...What a nice combination.


simple american said...

All you ever get from me is flossing. hahaha ;)

L B said...

It is so hot and humid now in Italy that that Pokka Tea is so alluring!! BTW, it does get quite humid and hot in Italy in the summer.. so be prepared..

carakoala said...

aww!!!! RAY RAY!!!! i lurve him!! he is one of the best! i miss chating with him...if you read this: UN BESO!

Jane...what flavor is that tea? jeje!! :-*

neko said...

no japanese green tea?
how about mango-ceylon?

Jane said...

@SA: I know, but you also remind to floss myself too!!

@L B: Do you think it's hotter than tropical summer?? Less clothes to bring then... hehe

@carakoala: It's Oolong tea, chinese

@neko: I'm having Japanese green tea now.... hehehe