Monday, June 19, 2006

School Meme...

Children's Day performance on K-2, as I know 1 boy and 1 girl in this picture got married together last month!! Can you guess which ones? Not me of course!!

Girl scout camp on Grade 2, first time to stay the nights out.

Grade 6 before graduated, I can't find myself!!

Senior year in High school: trip to Koh Phi Phi

I was tagged by Simple American (I forced him to tag me) long time ago...about the school meme. I couldn't find my scanner, so I couldn't start doing it. Good news, I finally figured out where my scanner was kept and here.... I hope you enjoy this meme!


simple american said...

I could only find you in the senior pic. Cute girl.

neko said...

wow! great pics!
i only spent pre-school/kindergarden in the thai schools :(

L B said...

Oh so the cool!!! But I can't even spot you in the senior pic!!

Jane said...

@SA: Yes? Which one is Jane?

: Thai schools are not that great..don't be too sad about missing them! hahaha

@L B
: Try harder...ok?

L B said...

I tried again... still failed!!

Jane said...

@L B: Hahahaha.... maybe too difficult...ok here is the answer.
First pic - I was in the middle...right in the middle between 2 boys, on stage I was in front and in the middle too!! Most outstanding dancer... baby!
Second pic - I'm the smallest in white with no cap.
Third pic - Middle row, sixth from left...
Senior pic - I'm next to the boy with glasses!

L B said...

OMG!! So easy when you're shown how, where, why!!! LOLOL!! ThankQ! Khopkhunkhap..