Friday, July 14, 2006


Ciao! everyone..
I don't have much time here (I'm using a friend's computer) so I just wanna update to you all that I'm now having great time in Cattolica, Italy!!!!
Well.... I have so many photos to show you guys later...and I miss you all.
It's lunch time and everyone is waiting!
Gotta go


simple american said...

Ciao Jane.

Have fun and keep smiling.

may said...

you sound like you're having the time of your life!! wheeee!!! see you back here soon, enjoy the rest of your holiday!!

Jeremy said...

I'm on my way to LA in just a couple of hours! See you soon! *hugs and kisses*

L B said...

Waaaaaaa!!!! You made it!!!!! WAAAAAA!!!!!!! WAAAAAA!!!!!! Tell us, tell us more! Hurry, quick!!

Jane said...

Now in Firenze! Left Cattolica this morning.... I didn't want to leave!!! I fell in love with that town and people there!!! Oh..................... I wanna go back!!

Selba said...

Pictures!!! pictures!!!!

ciao Jane :)

miss ya a lot!!!

mistipurple said...

hugs hugs jane wherever she goes!! lol!

Jane said...

@SA: Ciao! Yeah yeah..still keep smiling...

: I will be back very soon.. yes having really good time now... lots of pictures and stories to tell!

@Jeremy: Hugs and kisses to my Jeremy...see you next week!

@LB: I love Cattolica! more to tell.. yeah? Did you sneeze a lot last night?

@Selba: pictures will come... ciao! I miss you too!

@misti: hugs hugs to misti... I will carry your hugs to Siena with me tomorrow!

LYN said...

JANNEE!!! have a smashing time in Italiaaaaaaaaaaa... love yaaaaaaaaa

can't wait to see ya pics!!!! muacksssssssssssss

JY said...

waiting for your photos... =P

neko said...

have a grand time out there!
come back soon~