Monday, July 03, 2006

Start Packing

Have you ever been running around your stuffs...putting it in and taking it out? Can't make decision!!!

Oi... I'm doing that now. One big empty bag... 3-5 it shoudl be 3 or 4 or 5? underwears!(most important) pants...skirts... shoes... what else?

Is it gonna be cold? hot? rain? Should I bring jacket? No jacket? raincoat? umbrella? bikini?

Too heavy!!! Not enough!!! What if?!!! mmm...

I should better go back and pack!!! What am I doing here??

Alright... I hope I don't have to carry too heavy bag around Italy!!!



may said...

when are you leaving again? and still not packed?! doesn't matter if you forget to bring some essentials, can always buy them there!

most importantly, remember your passport, money, mobile phone (+ charger) and have loads of fun!!

simple american said...

Netherlands can be cool in evening and early morning. Take a sweater. Have fun :)

Umm said...

Nothing to bring just plastic money and shopping!!! hehee
i am almost landing to Thailand but you are flying away.
07 i am in BKK but you are in Orange Land

mistipurple said...

bring minimum. can always reward yourself with one, two purchases there. afterall you are going to the fashion city. with fashion prices though. :(

keatix said...

enjoy yr trip man!

carakoala said...

lOOKS LIKE ME!!! jajaja!! Jane when are you leaving babe? oi FINALLY your vacations! mine waiting till october....sniff sniff. You are gonna have a blast! is weird thinking you are gonna stay in the same continent iam and not even have a chance to see you my koala......ENJOY! love U!! HUGS!!!!!

py said...

Travel light....the last time that I put more than enough items, I ended up not using the extras that I have brought along. But I ended up carrying those extra weights of the items around my entire trip. 3 seems a good figure, if laundry facilities are made available.