Monday, July 17, 2006

Jane at Laundry

I'm at Laundry place...doing my laundry of course! and they give me 15 minutes free internet for doing laundry (normally it's 2 euro per huor!) I have about 10 mins left here, I don't know what to say that now I'm in Rome... so I have to be a Roman!!! I don't know how to be a Roman actually!?!
This is my last stop...before going home! home sweet home... I feel a little homesick here... but I call mom everytime I move to new town. She asked me today about souvenirs!!! What did I buy for her??? Hmmm... I bought nothing...oi.... maybe I should do some shopping here in Rome. Do you have any idea what I should get for souvenir here??? Please remember, I'm on very very tight budget!!! I drink from the tap, I skip my meal... I stay in dorm with other 15 girls... and I walk everywhere I want to go!
Oh!!! 5 minutes left... I have no time to visit any blogs again..sorry!
I think I should go... I miss you all and now I'm hungry! I will see what I can find around here, cheap pannini maybe!
Alright..gotta go!!
Ciao! Ciao! 3 kisses as Italians do!


mistipurple said...

remember to continue enjoying yourselffffff!!! hugs pretty jane!

simple american said...

Do they have those Pope on a Rope soaps? Might be a good present. wakakkakakakaka.

Get her something Roman Jane. Something she cannot get in Thailand.

may said...

hey jane! where are those photos of funky italian laudries? hehehe! see ya back home!

*muah muah muah*

Selba said...

Whoaaaa... Jane is on tight budget??? skipping meals? aiyooooo.... poor Jane!!!

Don't worry about souvenir as long as you captured all the beautiful pictures in your camera and beautiful memories in your heart :)

carakoala said...

sorry babe i meant can't wait to see your PICS!!!!!! JEJE

carakoala said...

AWWWW! sorry i missed you on line today i am such a dork.

Can't wait to see your pis and hear your stories! :-)

L B said...

Quick, I wanna seeeeeee..........!!!!!

rayray said...

mmm. laundry.

livin' poor like that is the best, you get to see more walking and all that

Jeremy said...

Jane!! Soon you will be back home, and I will be there with you! I am so happy that this day is finally here! I'm flying out tonight...see you soon! xoxo